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Discovered in the Year 2004

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Scott Catalogue
Canadian Stamp News
1 June
2007 var
Missing part of design
"The Canadian $5 Moose with missing colours, mentioned in recent letters to the editor of CSN, turned out to be one of only two known sheets. One sheet came from Ontario and the other from eastern Canada. Dealer Gary Lyons purchased (after a small bidding war) both sheets and is selling the stamps singly, with a normal stamp for comparison. The asking price a modest $5,950 (U.S.)" - Canadian Stamp News, 14 December, 2004
Eastern Auctions
26 June
1700 var
Missing perforations at top
Charles G. Firby
26 June
2004a var
Imperforate booklet pane in cover
Bill Longley Auctions
24 July
1931 var
Missing colour variety

(Please Note: Although the above images both show a gold border, the actual stamp has a silver border. Sorry, but we could not find a better colour rendition for this page)
Saskatoon Stamp Centre
10 Sept.
1945 var.
5 colours and tagging missing
Charles G. Firby
24 Nov.
1021 var
missing inscriptions variety

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