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Unitrade 2011 Catalogue

New Listings

Unitrade Description New Variety
21ix ½¢ Large Queen Re-entry – UL corner
51ii 1¢ Jubilee Re-entry (pos. 82)
56ii 8¢ jubilee Re-entry (pos. 11)
57iii 10¢ Jubilee Re-entry (pos. 3)
59iv 20¢ Jubilee Re-entry (pos.8)
60ii 50¢ Jubilee Pale blue shade
65i $5 Jubilee Re-entry in ADA
72v 8¢ Maple leaf Re-entry in CANA
73iii 10¢ Maple leaf Re-entry in CAN
223v 10¢ George V Re-entry in RCMP
225iii 20¢ Niagara Falls Re-entry of left side
226iii 50¢ parliament Re-entry of left side
434as 3¢ Christmas Single with straight edge
434qs 3¢ Christmas – tagged Single with straight edge
454aiis 1¢ booklet Single with straight edge
457aiis 4¢ booklet Single with straight edge
502i 5¢ Christmas Black arc by chin
591ix 6¢ caricature Single with straight edge
593xxii 8¢ caricature Single with straight edge
742v 12¢ Christmas Double print
923ii 30¢ Maple leaf DF no fisc fibres
953v 36¢ Maple leaf Narrow spacing
1194x 37¢ Parliament Wide spacing
1362iv 45¢ flag Offset on reverse
1694ii 8¢ bear Offset on reverse
1695i 46¢ flag Wide spacing
1768v 95¢ Year of the rabbit Missing red and tagging
1882iii 47¢ picture frame Pain of 25 personalized
2063iii 49¢ picture frame Pain of 40 personalized
2274iii 52¢ Royal Canadian Mint Cross cutter block of 4
2281ii 52¢ Olympics Imperforate strip of 3
2292ii 52¢ Christmas Imperforate pair
J6i 1¢ Postage due Dull violet

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