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19 March, 2008 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

It says a lot about Vance Carmichael’s reputation that he is able to attract so much good material, including many early classics, to his auctions. Here are a couple of excellent examples from the sale:


Lot 5512
Scott 3TC
Unitrade $8,000
Realized $4,340

This is a very fine copy of this “scar die proof” from the compound die. The “scar” is found in the CE of the PENCE. It was printed on India paper which is a very thin and fragile paper. The paper in this case had some small faults, but this was counterbalanced by the unusually large margins. The price realized is the second best price in the past 10 years.


15¢ Large Queen - Rare Imperforate pair

Lot 5667
Scott 29d
Catalogue $1,150
Realized $2,140

Between 1999 and 2006, five copies of this imperforate pair were sold at auction. One of those was an NH copy like the above and it sold in 2003 for the then record price of $1,900. In 2007, five copies came to auction, but none of their prices could beat the 2003 record.

This is the first time the pair has appeared at auction in 2008. While it was NH, it had a bit of disturbed gum. Still, it is rare to find this stamp in NH condition, and the bidder made sure that he or she paid the right price to get it and, in doing so, established a new record price.

Nicely Dated Jubilees

Lot 5740
Scott 50
Estimate $350
Realized $268

Lot 5777
Scott 59
Catalogue $200
Realized $169

Over the years, we’ve seen many nicely cancelled Jubilees with dates clearly shown, like these ones. Perhaps these dates show up more clearly because the stamps in this set are so large. We’d like to believe a postal clerk, consciously hit the stamp extra carefully when cancelling it, making sure the recipient of the envelope noticed his action. Here we are, over 100 years later, still looking at the results with admiration.

Vance was a bit high in his estimates. What this means, of course, is that the successful buyers seem to have done very well.

Note that the above ½¢ Jubilee was cancelled on June 19, 1897. This is significant as it was the stamp’s first day of issue. This is why the price realized is more than two times catalogue. Lucky buyer, you did well!

2¢ Map Stamp with Rare Imprint

Lot 5872
Scott 86a
Catalogue $450
Realized $548

Copies like this don’t happen by chance. Someone carefully cut this imperforate pair from the sheet, being sure to save the full plate imprint at the top. This makes the pair extra special.

Overprints Shine!


Lot 5875
Scott 87/88
Catalogue $100
Realized $169

In recent years, the prices paid for these overprints have strengthened considerably. Two months ago, a collector paid $255 for a Scott 87. Two years ago, $220 was paid for a Scott 88.

Why weren’t these two stamps offered separately? Usually this results in better prices. At first it was not obvious to us but, using the old trick of turning the stamps upside down, we could see that one of them was centered slightly to the left and the other slightly to the right. Thus, it probably made sense to combine them. In the circumstances, we think the seller did well and if these stamps continue to be in demand, the buyer can also be happy.

Lot 6033
Scott 139/140
Catalogue $122
Realized $153


Similar comments can be made concerning the above two stamps. They appear to be a bit better centered than the previous pair, but are still slightly centered to the top of each stamp.

Imperforates continue to be popular

Lot 6040
Scott 149b
Catalogue $110
Realized $154

Lot 6041
Scott 150b
Catalogue $110
Realized $141

Over the years, prices for the full imperforate set, to which these stamps belong, have remained fairly steady with little trend. But sales of individual imperforates from the set have surprised us on occasion on the upside. The above prices, which are well above catalogue, illustrate this..

Scott 201 - A Jumbo

Lot 6108
Scott 201
Catalogue $80
Realized $125


Would it be premature to say that the prices for the stamps issued in the 1930s are finally strengthening? The above realization at 50% above catalogue is surprising. But over the past 2 years we have been surprised on a number of occasions at the prices paid for stamps in this decade. Up till now, the strong prices seemed to stop at the end of the 1930 Arch set, but perhaps they are creeping forward and approaching the middle of the decade.

Valuable Perfins

Lot 6430
Scott 0246
Estimate $250
Realized $520

Lot 6431
Scott 0248
Estimate $250
Realized $758


This sale had a small number of Canada official OHMS perfins. Many, like the above were NH. Not only were the above two stamps very attractive, but the prices realized were well above the estimates. The price for first stamp was double the estimate and for the second, three times the estimate. These stamps must be very scarce for the bidding to be this strong.

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This sale had one new record price:

Previous NRP
15¢ LQ imperforate pair

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