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23 January, 2008 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

This was Vance’s first auction of the New Year and it went very well with 7 new record prices. Once again, the prices for Canada’s imperforate stamps were very strong. We show below 6 of the stamps that set new records


Lot 6090
Scott 85a
Catalogue $450
Realized $670


Lot 6217
Scott 141c-145c
Catalogue $725
Realized $1,155


Lot 6269
Scott 174a
Catalogue $900
Realized $1,590


Lot 6278
Scott 176a
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $2,340


Lot 6283
Scott 177a
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $2,390


Lot 6380
Scott 387a
Catalogue $9,250
Realized $10,650

Scott 18b - Single imperforate

Lot 5819
Scott 18b
Estimate $3,500
Realized $3,740


As most collectors know, Canada’s imperforate stamps should always be collected in pairs. This prevents regular stamps with large borders from being converted into imperforates. In the early days of collecting, people didn’t realize this and cut their imperforate pairs and blocks into singles. Today, only singles of the earliest stamps are recognized as legitimate and they should be accompanied by a certificate of authentication.

The above Scott 18b is one of the most beautiful examples of a single copy we had seen. Vance described it as “a magnificent imperforate single with 4 large boardwalk margins. We believe this to be the finest imperforate single that exists”.

We have recorded the sale of 4 blocks and 4 pairs of Scott 18b in the past twenty years and 3 singles. Prices for the pairs have ranged from $3250 to $4500; prices for singles from $525 to $1600. The above price of $3740 for a single is therefore a very strong price. It almost challenges the prices realized in the past for the pairs.

$1 Jubilee - Rare block

Lot 6015
Scott 61
Catalogue $9,600
Realized $5,350

Vance states that $1 Jubilee blocks are quite rare. We weren’t aware of this, but recognize that, with the above very strong price, it must be so. This is not just any old block, but one with its selvage attached which adds value. All the stamps in the block are NH. However in one of the stamps, Vance notes that there is a tiny corner crease.

When we look at a block, we carefully watch the centering of each stamp. The reason is that the eye can be fooled by the large surface of a block, usually being drawn to the centering of the outside borders and ignoring the individual stamps.

In the above case, the centering is not that great, as the stamps are centered towards the top. We would conclude that the price realized is a strong one in the circumstances and relates principally to the rarity of the block.


8¢ Numeral Imperforate


Lot 6074
Scott 82a
Catalogue $900
Realized $1,240

As we have noted recently, there seems to be a lot of Maple Leaf and Numeral imperforates on the market these days and only moderate demand. But this is for the more plentiful imperforates with no gum. Those with gum have a greater demand as demonstrated above. The $1,240 realized for this pair is the second best price we have recorded. The stamps are VF and HH


Year of the Pig

Lot 6823
Unitrade 2201i (Single)
Catalogue $250
Realized $314

Now that we are into the Year of the Rat in 2008, it is interesting to look back at what happened a year ago to the stamp Canada issued for the Year of the Pig.

When the Year of the Pig stamp first came out in January, 2007, it didn’t take long before the above “missing gold” variety appeared. It initially sold at auction for $675 and then spiraled downward in subsequent auctions to $300 and finally hit bottom at $130.

In the more recent auctions, the price seems to have stabilized and moved upward, as realizations of $230 last December and $314 in this sale indicate.

A surprising offering in this sale was the full sheet of the variety shown below.

Lot 6502
Unitrade 2201i (Sheet)

This is the first record we have of a complete sheet of the stamp. However, the fact the sheet didn’t sell in this auction suggests that there is less than strong demand.

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This sale had 7 new record prices:

Scott No.
12 1/2d Imperf. single
2¢ Map imperf. pair
141c - 145c
1-12¢ Imperf. set
12¢ Citadel imperf. pair
50¢ Grandpré imperf. pair
$1 Cavell imperf. pair
5¢ St. Lawrence invert


Vance’s next auction will take place on March 19, 2008

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