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9 May, 2007 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

What a great sale this was with 4 new record prices and strength across all areas of Canada. One stamp that really stood out was s this very rare airmail stamp used for a flight from Canada to the UK in 1927:

London (Canada ) to London ( UK )

Lot 6400
Unitrade CLP6
Estimate $45,000
Realized $38,000

Vance offered these comments:

“ In 1927, captain Terence B. Tully and Lieutenant James Metcalf attempted to fly from London, Ontario to London, England. The flight was sponsored by Carling Breweries of London, Ontario, who offered a prize of $25,000 for successful completion of the “Sir John Carling” trans-Atlantic flight. On September 7, the plane left St. John’s Newfoundland and headed across the Atlantic carrying mail franked with a special airmail stamp. The plane never arrived in England, and no wreckage was ever found. A recent census by Charles Verge indicated that there were only NINE “London to London” stamps left in existence, and one unique cover. Two of the stamps are in the British Library’s philatelic collection which leaves only SEVEN copies in private hands! This auction features one of those extremely rare copies of the famous airmail.”

Scott 4a – Gorgeous Mint Example


Lot 5318
Scott 4a
Catalogue $1300
Realized $3340 NRP

We find this example of Canada’s early beaver particularly beautiful. The colour of the original 3¢ beaver on wove paper (Scott 4) issued an 1852 was “red”. A year later, in 1853, “brown red” copies were printed ( Scott 4a) and these have a slightly higher catalogue value.

It is so rare to see such a fine copy as this. Vance notes that the stamp has large margins and they are right because most copies, if they have any noticeable margins, may have 2 full margins, sometimes 3, but seldom 4 large even margins. After all, these stamps were separated by scissors and this probably was done, as when separating stamps today, in a hurry and not too carefully.

19¢ imperforate single

Lot 5397
Scott 19b
Estimate $2000
Realized $1735

Fortunately, this single imperforate came with a 1958 Philatelic Foundation certificate. This helps authenticate that it is not a wide bordered copy with its perforations cut off. The irony is that it would be extremely unusual to find a mint stamp from the set with four large even margins. Even if you did, it would likely be worth more, with all its margins, than an imperforate single.

This is a very nice copy and we weren’t surprised to find that this was the best price we have on record for a single copy.

2¢ Small Queen bisect

Lot 5510
Scott 36c
Estimate $300
Realized $238

Most bisects are found on a full envelope. But sometimes collectors cut the stamp off from the envelope. We’re lucky that this collector had the presence of mind to at least to save both the stamp and the beautiful postmark.

As usual, the bisect comes from the Maritimes where the use of bisects was more prevalent than in other parts of Canada and seemingly more accepted by the postal authorities. This one, dated October 24, 1884, was sent from Halifax.

Jubilees – Less than perfect, but still interesting

Here is a group of Jubilees that we thought might interest you:


Lot 5571
Scott 50
Catalogue $100
Realized $162

Lot 5580
Scott 51 (20 copies)
Estimate $100
Realized $168


Lot 5605
Scott 56
Catalogue $65
Realized $62

Lot 5631
Scott 60
Catalogue $210
Realized $312

Imperforates – With Noticeably Strong Prices

This sale had a large number of imperforate pairs and they seem to have done very well price wise. There were so many of them that we decided to show the two copies below and then, in a schedule, provide information on the others.

Lot 5701
Scott 77d
Catalogue $850
Realized $1025 NRP

Lot 5998
Scott 174a
Catalogue $900
Realized $1250 NRP



To tell the truth, these prices are better than what we would have expected it. This is the kind of surprise we like!

52¢ year of the Pig – missing gold and silver foil

Lot 6207
Scott No. unknown at present
Estimate $995
Realized $475

The stamp was issued by Canada Post on January 5, 2007 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Since then, a number of sheets with the missing gold and silver have been found. At this point, it would seem that nobody feels comfortable estimating the number of copies that exist and what the present market value should be.

We have recorded three sales so far, with at least 2 more coming up in June. The prices realized have been $675, $410 and the above $475. As well, in March, Saskatoon Stamp & Coin offered a quantity for sale at $375 and in May, an inscription block sold for $925. It will be interesting to see where the price eventually settles.

Canadian Stamp News did a front page feature on this variety in its February 20, 2007 edition. This was less than 2 months after the stamp’s issue date.

For more details on the sale, please click on the Highlights button below.


This sale had 4 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
3d Beaver
2¢ Numeral
5¢ Numeral imperf.
12¢ Citadel imperf.

The next Vance sale will be held on June 28, 2007.

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