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30 November, 2006 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

It’s not often an auction house can boast of offering a Canadian 12 penny black, and even rarer, a mint copy. But this is what Vance had to offer in its latest sale:

Lot 4998
Scott 3
Catalogue $80,000
Realized $104,000

This copy had a bottom border that was cut close to the margin and it was this feature which most likely held the price down. Apart from that, the stamp was described by Vance as extremely attractive with fresh appearance and excellent colour. Also significant was the fact that it had nearly full OG. The stamp came with two certificates of authentication.

Single imperforates from the Cents Issue

Lot 5074
Scott 17c single
Estimate $3,000
Realized $2,090

Lot 5083
Scott 19b single
Estimate $2,250
Realized $1,655


You will note that these two single imperforate stamps sold for less than their estimates. Each one also sold for less than ½ the catalogue value for an imperforate pair. Does this mean they did badly an auction? Let’s have a look.

The first imperforate is a single Scott 17c. Well, as we all know, imperforates are meant to come in pairs. One of the few exceptions, based on a practice over the years, are the single imperforates from the Cents Issue. Vance describe this one as being” in the correct lilac shade and correct paper” for an imperforate. This, and Vance’s reputation, must have given the bidders the confidence to bid. The stamp did not come with a certificate.

Why the interest in this stamp then? Well, the last time a pair sold, according to our records, was in 1992, some fourteen years ago. So, for those trying to complete the Cents Issue, it hasn’t been easy.

The second imperforate is a single Scott 19b. It was described as being of equal quality to the Scott 17c above, but it came with a certificate. Furthermore, since 1992, eight copies of Scott 19b have sold at auction, including three singles. How did the singles do? In 1992, a copy sold for $25 and it had a certificate! In 2002, a second single copy sold for $500. Earlier this year, a third single copy sold for $1,150. So it’s clear the present $1,655 is a logical advance.

The odd thing about it all is that the Scott 17c, with no certificate, sold for more than the Scott 19b that had one. This probably makes sense as the Scott 17c is far rarer. Interesting!

Nicely Canceled 3¢ Jubilees

Lot 5213
Scott 53 (60 copies)
Estimate $165
Realized $222

This is the kind of lot we love to see. It consisted of sixty copies of the 3¢ Jubilee with fully dated cancels. A used copy of Scott 53 has a catalogue value of $2.25. Sixty copies at $2.25 would be worth $135. But putting an estimate of $165 on this lot, Vance was being pretty conservative. After all, these are beautifully dated stamps. So the fact the lot of sixty stamps went for $222 should not be surprising. It’s our guess that if all the copies were of the same quality as the above, they could be resold, one by one, at a very good profit.

3¢ Jacques Cartier imperforate

Lot 5559
Scott 208a
Catalogue $800
Realized $855

We think this is one of Canada’s most beautiful stamps. When we saw the price realized, we were convinced it was a new record price. However, on checking, we discovered that in 2003, a pair sold at a Vance sale for $890. This then is the 2nd best price in the past ten years.

Inverted Seaway

Lot 5626
Scott 387a
Catalogue $9,250
Realized $8,920

It is our experience that most copies of this variety are off center, so that the price realized, being close to catalogue, is quite good.

This stamp is not that rare. We have recorded the sale of over 25 copies at auction in the past ten years at prices ranging from $6,250 to $11,000 which is quite a broad range. But of these, only five have sold for more than $9,000. This supports the conclusion that this was a good price. The seller should be pleased.

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The next Vance auction will be held on January 24, 2007.

This sale had 1 new record price.


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