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18 October, 2006 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

The Scott Catalogue reserves a special place for the three Large Queens which were printed on an unusual type of paper. Here we are referring to Scott 31-33. These three stamps were printed on "laid" paper as were all of Canada's very early stamps. But after the first issue in 1851, Canada's printer's switched over to "wove" paper. It was a bit of a surprise then when in 1868, these three Large Queens ended up being printed on laid paper, like Canada's original stamps.

Large Queens on laid paper

These Large Queens attract substantial prices. A 1¢ on laid paper sold for $8,250 in 1996. There hasn't been a mint copy sold since that year of investment quality. We haven't recorded the sale of any copies of the 2¢ on laid copy, but a used copy is listed at $175,000 in the latest Scott catalogue.

The only mint copy of the 3¢ on laid paper recorded by us was a copy that sold for $2,400 in 1973. It was centered low and had no gum.

This Vance sale had another mint copy of the 3¢ on laid paper:

Lot 5198
Scott 33
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $8,250

Vance described it as VF NG, "a stamp that is missing in most collections". Well this is no surprise if the only previous sale was in 1973. So here we have it, 2 sales in 23 years, both with no gum. This one came with a Greene certificate. This is significant as some enterprising people have been known to add laid lines to a stamp printed on wove paper.

We think the price is very reasonable for a stamp as rare as this and in such excellent condition.

Fancy Cancel

Lot 5138
Scott 22
Estimate $150
Realized $366

Isn't this a beauty! We are so attracted to early Canadian stamps with fancy cancels. This is one of the nicest, so clear and so imaginative. And what a fancy price!

Unusually nice date cancel

Lot 5156
Scott 23a
Estimate $250
Catalogue $350

Here's another outstanding stamp, made special by its very precise date cancel. This cancel looks so modern, it could have been made yesterday. Happy the collector who successfully bid on this stamp.

$5 Jubilee

Lot 5329
Scott 65
Catalogue $3400
Realized $3125

A number of these dollar Jubilees have sold for over $5,000 this year, one for close to $8,000 and another for over $12,000. So our viewers will excuse us for saying that the above price is on the reasonable side. Granted, the centering isn't perfect but it's not bad and the condition seems to be excellent. We think the buyer did well. How many collectors can boast of a mint no-hinged $5 Jubilee, bought at less than catalogue!

5¢ Quebec Tercentary

Lot 5421
Scott 99
Catalogue $42
Realized $149

Stop us if you think we are showing too many stamps with unusually nice cancels but we just can't help it. This is a true beauty! We'll let the market speak for itself.

44¢ Walrus - rare perforations

Lot 5735
Scott 1171c
Catalogue $350
Realized $424

We've seen lots of copies of this stamp with its large borders and rare perforations. But not many are this well centered.

The first copy we recorded was in 1995. It sold for $95. Three years later, in 1998, another copy appeared and it sold for $290. Since then the price has stabilized, varying from a low of $150 to a high of $348.

This new price of $424 is a clear new record price.

6¢ Airmail Imperforate

Lot 5773
Scott C5b
Catalogue $800
Realized $880

This is a lovely stamp, XF NH and it attracted a new record price. There have not been many really strong prices amongst the airmail imperforates. In fact, only one this year and the same last year. But this is a clear advance over the $745 previous record.

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The next Vance auction will be held on January 24, 2007.

This sale had 5 new record prices.


Scott No. Description
Previous NRP
Scott 33 3¢ Large Queen - laid paper
Scott 72a 8¢ Maple Leaf - imperf. pair
Scott 1171c 44¢ Walrus - 13.8 x 13.1
Scott C5b 6¢ Airmail - imperf. pair
Scott MR6 2¢ War tax - coil

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