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31 August, 2006 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

At first, this looked like any other Vance auction, but as we reviewed the details, we quickly noticed the sale had some unusually strong prices. The $17,800 realized for the six pence Albert shown below is one of the highest prices we have seen in a mail auction.

Scott 13 – One of the finest

Lot 4802
Scott 13
Catalogue $8,250
Realized $17,800

This stamp was very carefully described in the auction material. On the plus side, it was VF OG and well centered for this stamp, with perforations completely clear of the margins. It came with a certificate of authenticity which is very reassuring when one spends this kind of money. It was said to be one of the finest examples of Scott 13 that exists. On the negative side, Vance noted that there were a couple of light perforation tones. This could have been very negative, but was not, considering the stamp sold for more than 2 x catalogue.

The record price for a copy of Scott 13 is $26,400. The above price in the mail sale is very respectable.

2¢ Bisect

Lot 4919
Scott 36b
Catalogue $175
Realized $269

How interesting! In the last Vance sale held in July, a copy of Scott 36c ( vertical half used as 1¢ ) was sold. It realized $245. Now a copy of Scott 36b ( horizontal half used as 1¢ ) has appeared and sold for $269. Since both stamps had been cut off the envelope, they sold for far less than their $1,600 catalogue values because of being separated from the envelope. But what impressed us was that they both sold for well above their estimates. This should help establish a market value in future for these varieties that are “on piece” rather than being “on cover”.

20¢ Widow's Weeds

Lot 4954
Scott 46
Estimate $150
Realized $59

Lot 4955
Scott 46
Estimate $150
Realized $100

Lot 4956
Scott 46
Estimate $150
Realized $166

One can only wonder, given the above price trend, how exciting it might have been if the owner of the above 3 dated jubilees had a few more to offer in this sale. To what heights might the price have gone! These 3 were beautifully canceled. The price for the first one was on the low side because it had a minute perf. tear.

50¢ Widow's Weeds

Lot 4960
Scott 47 & 47i
Estimate $100
Realized $90

This relatively low price surprised us. This pair had so much going for it and yet we wondered why it sold for less than its estimate.

It was both pre-cancelled and had a major re-entry. Furthermore the cancellation was inverted. We wouldn’t think there’d be many of these around. Unfortunately it was seriously off-center and had a natural paper crease. But so often recently we have seen these flaws ignored in a stamp that is truly rare. Can’t win them all, as they say!

This sale had 7 new record prices

Here are a few of them:

Lot 5083
Scott 92
Catalogue $330
Realized $620

Lot 5203
Unitrade 158iii
Catalogue $3,500
Realized $2,820

Lot 5211
Unitrade 159b
Catalogue $1,350
Realized $1,180

Lot 5420
Scott 953a
Catalogue $240
Realized $260

Lot 5432
Scott 1359 var
Estimate $900
Realized $945

Lot 5290
Scott 211a-216b
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $2,740

The above stamps stood out in the sale, each one achieved a new record price. We summarize below all 7 new record prices together with their previous records:

Scott No. Description
Previous NRP
Scott 92 7¢ Edward VII
Scott 158iii 50¢ Man on Mast variety
Scott 159b $1 Parliament imperf.
Scott 211a-216b 1¢-13¢ Anniversary imperf
Scott 231a-236a 1¢-8¢ George VI imperf.
Scott 953a 36¢ Parliament imperf.
Scott 1359 var. 43¢ Flag imperf.

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