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22 March, 2006 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

The Large Queen set seems to be getting a lot of recognition at auction these days. This unusual copy attracted strong bidding. It was described as a “huge tall jumbo”:

Lot 5053
Scott 29
Catalogue $67
Realized $280


The Queen Victoria overprints – in demand


Lot 5264
Scott 88
Catalogue $42
Realized $144

It is hard to believe today that any Canadian government would actually reduce the cost of a postage stamp, but this is exactly what happened in the summer of 1899. In that year, the standard domestic rate for mailing a letter went from 3¢ to 2¢ as part of an effort to standardize postal rates in the British Empire. Rather than throw out the 3¢ stamps, the government simply had them overprinted. Clever fellows!

In another recent auction, a Scott 87 overprint sold for a new record price. Now it’s the turn of the Scott 88 overprint. The previous best price for a Scott 88 was $105.

“Man on the Mast” variety

Lot 5399
Unitrade 158iii
Catalogue $1375
Realized $1320

This stamp has appeared every few years at auction. A copy sold for $1800 5 years ago but it was VF NH. This copy was fairly well centered, but there was no mention of the condition of the gum.

“Broken Leg” variety – New Record Price

Lot 5487
Unitrade 223ii
Catalogue $2500
Realized $2725

In his book “Canadian Stamp Varieties 1973” Hans Reiche describes this variety as follows:

A seldom seen, but striking variety is an uninked, white, broad line across the leg of the mounted policeman. One of the first copies that appeared on the market originated from the collection of King Farouk of Egypt. Because only a few copies are known it must be assumed that only a small part of the total printing has this variety included. Copies have been selling for around $150.00

We have recorded the sale of only one copy in the past 10 years. The previous best price was $1800 and this was realized in 2004.

“AIR” Variety

Lot 5672
Scott C5 iv
Catalogue $150
Realized $200

Although this variety isn’t rare, it’s the first time we’ve seen it or even heard of it. The variety is well illustrated in Unitrade which shows a “shilling stroke” die flaw to the left of the letters “AIR”.

US Black Jack – “Z Grill”

There was one US stamp that stood out, and that was this Black Jack that many collectors are familiar with, but which few of us have seen with the “Z Grill” imbedded in the paper.

Lot 4103
Scott 85B
Estimate $4500
Realized $4100

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This auction had 3 new record prices:

Scott 88
2¢ Victoria overprint
Scott 223ii $2725 10¢ “Broken leg” variety
Scott 338 $338 5¢ Airmail imperforate pair

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