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28 February, 2008 - Spink Shreves Galleries Inc.

We watched with fascination the process used by this firm to report the prices being bid on the Internet day by day for their stamps. This took place during the weeks leading up to the actual date of the auction. Most of the heavy bidders did not show their hand until the last couple of days. Despite this, the best stamps in the auction were clearly identified early in the bidding process, and as will be shown below, there were some real beauties.

The best of the Canadian stamps

Lot 966
Scott 44
Catalogue $140
Realized $1,568


This is the finest 8¢ violet black Small Queen we have seen. It was described by Spink in glowing terms. We will just note that it was XF NH. You can see that the left hand margin has been separated by scissors, adding to the apparent perfection of the stamp. Clearly the original owner recognized that he or she possessed a gem and wanted to be extra careful in separating it from the block or sheet to which it was attached in order to get this wonderful single copy.

The above price of $1,568 ($ 1600 U.S.) should have been a new record, but in Canadian dollars it was beaten by a similar quality stamp that sold in 2004 for $1,572 ($1,200 U.S.). The above price was a new record in U.S. dollars but not in Canadian dollars. Still the relative U.S. dollar prices do reflect how much nicer the above Scott 44 is, compared to the one that sold earlier. Hope this is all clear!

Here are a few more beauties


Lot 967
Scott 52
Catalogue $55
Realized $196

Lot 968
Scott 55
Catalogue $500
Realized $980


Lot 971
Unitrade 85i
Catalogue $150
Realized $294

Lot 972
Scott 87
Catalogue $40
Realized $255

Lot 981
Catalogue $90
Realized $318


Lot 969
Scott 77b
Catalogue $4,750
Realized $2,352



Lot 982
Scott 109
Catalogue $40
Realized $318

Lot 987
Scott 112a
Catalogue $65
Realized $367

Six of the above stamps sold for new record prices. Details are provided below. All were NH.

The 2¢ Maple Leaf overprint (lot 972) is one of the most remarkable stamps we have seen in some time. We watched the prices being bid for it over the internet each day. In the end, the $255 price it sold for handily beat the previous record of $208.

On the date of the sale, the Canadian dollar was slightly ahead. The conversion rate used was $1 U.S. = $0.98 Cdn


This sale had 6 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
2¢ complete booklet
2¢ overprint
3¢ Admiral
3¢ Admiral
5¢ Admiral
5¢ War Tax Inland Revenue

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