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20 July, 2007 - Shreves Philatelic Galleries

Several times a year, Shreves holds a Collectors Series Sale in New York. We pay attention to them because, although they focus on the U.S. market, they often have some outstanding Canadian stamps. The sale was no exception.

Although the Canadian section in the sale was small, only 41 out of 1431 lots, it contained material that most collectors would love to have. The quality was high and the prices matched. The Canadian stamps were concentrated in the very popular Jubilee to Admirals sets, with some remarkable Back of the Book material. There were five new record prices.

The prices shown below were converted at the rate of $1 US = $1.04 Cdn.

Top Canadian Items in the Sale

“Rose carmine” shade
“Scarlett” shade

Lot 1318
Scott F1b
Catalogue $275
Realized $988

Lot 1319
Scott F1b
Catalogue $275
Realized $1,040

These two gems easily caught our eye because of their near perfection. Neither is in the regular orange shade. Finding well centered registered stamps isn’t easy. Finding such stamps with no hinge marks and sitting side by side, so that their rare shades can be easily compared, is very unusual. It makes one want to just admire them, because this may not happen again perhaps for years. So let’s savor the moment!

Edward VII – U.S. Experimental Coil

Lot 1295
Unitrade 90xxxv
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $2,184

This is a lightly hinged pair of the 1903 experimental coil, type III. Unitrade only provides prices for F-VF copies. These coils were used in a trial for stamp vending machines which was not successful. Unitrade recommends owners have a certificate of authenticity. This one came with a 1992 PF certificate.




Lot 1303
Unitrade 106b
Catalogue $600
Realized $754

Lot 1313
Scott 124
Catalogue $210
Realized $338

Lot 1314
Scott 132
Catalogue $45
Realized $135

Lot 1312
Unitrade 119iv
Catalogue $450
Realized $598


As the above prices indicate, the stamps of the Admiral set continue their strong performance. Not all Admirals of course, only those that are well centered, with no hinge marks and, as we noticed in another recent sale, have fairly large borders like the ones above. Three of the Admirals in the sale set new record prices.

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This sale had 5 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
1¢ Numeral - green shade
1¢ Edward VII
2¢ Adm. - pink
20¢ Admi. - redrawn spand.
2¢ Overprint

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