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27 October, 2006 - Shreves Philatelic Galleries Inc.

This is another one of those sales we came upon by chance. We can’t ignore it now that we spotted it because of the wonderful quality of the stamps and the high prices paid.

Out of 1373 lots, 46 were for Canadian stamps. But there was lots of quality in these 46 stamps and 4 new record prices. The sale was one of the Shreves “Collectors Series Sales “which feature stamps from the U.S. and worldwide. Here are some of the highlights of the Canadian section:

Lot 1104
Scott 13
Catalogue $4,500
Realized $8,960

Lot 1106
Scott 44
Catalogue $140
Realized $476


Shreves notes that the above Scott 13 is likely the finest used copy extant, with perforations virtually clear of the design. The 8¢ Small Queen is well centered and never hinged.


Outstanding Jubilees

Lot 1110
Scott 52
Catalogue $55
Realized $235

Lot 1112
Scott 53
Catalogue $37
Realized $224


These two beautiful copies sold for new record prices. The large borders on the 3¢ are particularly noticeable

Lot 1119
Scott 63
Catalogue $3,400
Realized $3,500


Low Values High Prices

Lot 1123
Scott 75
Catalogue $45
Realized $257

Lot 1124
Scott 77a
Catalogue $50
Realized $448

These both went for new record prices. The last record we have of a VF NH Scott 77a selling at auction was in 2000, over six years ago. It sold for $75.

Lot 1125
Scott 89
Catalogue $50
Realized $235

28 copies of this 1¢ Edward VII have sold at auction in the past ten years and only one of these sold for more than the above price. Not bad for a stamp that seems slightly off center.


Quebec Tercentenary

Lot 1128
Scott 97
Catalogue $35
Realized $224

Lot 1129
Scott 98
Catalogue $57
Realized $364


Lot 1130
Scott 100
Catalogue $310
Realized $840

Scott 97 and 98 are not that rare and yet look how well they did. The price for the 2¢ is a new record.



Lot 1133
Scott 111
Catalogue $300
Realized $1,008

Lot 1135
Scott 116
Catalogue $575
Realized $2,016


Lot 1136
Scott 122
Catalogue $230
Realized $392

We find it hard to believe that none of the above prices set new records. They are so impressive and so is the quality of the stamps.



Lot 1137
Scott 157
Catalogue $100
Realized $246

This 20¢ stamp from the “Scroll Set” goes from strength to strength. In this case, it set a new record price, up from the previous $177 record set in 2001. But the price pattern for the stamp is very erratic. A beautiful copy sold for $70 in 2005.

This sale had 4 new record prices

Scott No.
Previous NRPs
1¢ Numeral
2¢ Numeral die II
2¢ Quebec Tercen.
20¢ Harvester

The prices realized were converted at the rate of $1 US = $1.12 Cdn.

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