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27 April, 2007 - Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions

Our thanks to go out to Anthony Fimiani of Woodbridge, Ontario who was kind enough to alert us about the Schuyler Rumsey auction of U.S. and worldwide stamps that took place at the Westpex Stamp Show in San Francisco at the end of April. As Anthony noted, there was some excellent Canadian material which he said would be of interest to viewers of our website. How right he was! We show below some of the outstanding material that was offered in the auction. It produced 6 new record prices.

We must admit we have been nicely surprised at how well Canadian stamps have been doing at a number of auctions in the U.S. during the past two years. Over and over again, material of outstanding quality has been offered and this sale is no exception. For the most part, we only became aware of these US sales because of messages from our viewers. We would once again like to express our appreciation to them for taking the time to put us in the picture.

And now, let’s look at some of the highlights of the sale. All the descriptive comments come directly from the auctioneer’s auction catalogue. The first four stamps were described as coming from the Boulder’s Collection:

All prices for the Canadian stamps were converted at the rate of $1US = $1.12 Cdn

Stamps from the Boulder’s collection

Lot 2993
Unitrade 4vii
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $1,792

Canada, 1852, 3d red, major re-entry, light strike 4-ring "5" of Brantford, U.C. in blue, position A47 showing major doubling in "CANADA" and "THREE PEN", large margins and vibrant color, Extremely Fine. A superlative example of this striking re-entry, with 1994 P.S.E. certificate.


Lot 3000
Scott 7
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $1,904

Lot 3004
Scott 12
Catalogue $650
Realized $3,024

Canada, 1859, 3d red, neat strike very scarce Cobourg, U.C. 4-ring "10" cancel (Unitrade rarity factor 5), virtually perfectly centered with perforations clear of the design all around, a choice Extremely Fine gem. Practically unobtainable with the design untouched by the perforations., with 1993 P.F. certificate.


Lot 3011
Scott 14
Catalogue $67
Realized $420

Canada, 1859, 1¢ rose, clear "Stanbridge East, L.C., Fe 3, 64" c.d.s., perf. 12x11¾, virtually perfectly centered with radiant color and paper, Extremely Fine and choice, with 2004 V.G. Greene certificate.

Stamps from the general Canadian section of the auction

Lot 3069
Scott 21
Estimate $2,000-3,000 US
Realized $1,368

Canada, 1868, ½¢ black, left margin block of 12 with imprint "British American Bank Note Co. Montreal & Ottawa", right column with "Spur" variety (Unitrade 21iv), most in left column show the variety but less distinct, o.g., lightly hinged (5 stamps never hinged), fresh and Very Fine, a gorgeous block.


Lot 3077
Scott 42
Catalogue $120
Realized $672


Lot 3091
Scott 56
Catalogue $160
Realized $840

Lot 3092
Scott 57
Catalogue $250
Realized $1008


Lot 3116
Scott 83
Catalogue $575
Realized $1064


Lot 3190
Scott 158
Catalogue $350
Realized $1,064

Lot 3192
Scott 159
Catalogue $550
Realized $1064


Lot 3239
Scott E1a
Unitrade $450
Realized $392

Stamps from the US section of the auction

All prices for U.S. stamps are in U.S. dollars

Lot 2066
Scott K18a
Cat.: $20,000-30,000
Realized $28,000

Offices in China, 1922, 4¢ on 2¢ carmine, "SHANGHAI" omitted, top horizontal pair in a top margin block of 4, full o.g., wide margins, bright color; some hinged reinforcements and natural paper wrinkles affecting right pair, still Very Fine, a magnificent and unique multiple of this exceptionally rare overprint variety, ex Canman, Drucker, with 1982 P.F. certificate


Lot 1891
Scott 404
Catalogue $12,500
Realized $30,000


1915, 10¢ Panama-Pacific, perf 10, top margin plate block of 6, o.g., barest trace of hinge, well balanced margins and marvelously centered throughout, exceptionally deep and bold color, outstanding freshness, an Extremely Fine gem, a spectacular 1915 10¢ Panama-Pacific, perf 10 top margin plate block, with 1970 and 2006 P.F. certificates, plus 2006 P.S.E. certificate as never hinged.
Although a couple of 10¢ Panama-Pacific plate blocks have come on the market within the last year, none hold a candle to this magnificent gem, which is without a doubt the finest in existence


This sale had 6 new record prices:

Scott No.

Previous NRPs
4vii used
3d Re-entry psn. 47
12 used
3d perf. 12
8¢ Jubilee
10¢ Jubilee
50¢ Bluenose
$1 Parliament

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