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21 February, 2007 - Matthew Bennett International

Once again, this U.S. auction house has produced a strong Canadian section with seven new record prices. One of the lots that really stood out was this a rare block of Canada’s first stamp. Please note that we have used a conversion rate of $1 US = $1.16 Cdn. throughout this report.

Scott 1 - Block of 4

Lot 1577
Scott 1
Estimate $20,000- 30,000 US
Realized $23,200 Cdn.

Bennett offered the following comments on the history of this block:

“This major Canadian multiple has a fascinating history. Until its discovery as an item of immense philatelic importance, it had resided with the same family in the U.S. since 1851. When the original ancestor arrived in Ottawa, he purchased the block from the postmaster and affixed it to a letter he wrote to his family, not realizing that he only needed to use two stamps, or 6d, and not the 12d that the block represented.”

Scott 4 – With Stitch Watermark

Lot 1581
Scott 4x - Stitch variety on 2 stamps
Estimate $10,000-12,000 US
Realized $17,400

According to Bennett, this is the only recorded unused block of four containing two examples of the stitch watermark. We checked our research files and could find no other sale of a block of four with a stitch watermark, either mint or used, which supports Bennett’s comments.

Scott 16 Gem – New Record Price

Lot 1603
Scott 16
Catalogue $4,250
Realized $4,640

Bennett describes this as a gem of the highest attainable quality, outstanding, near perfect centering, large margins. Whew !! That’s quite the superlative description. How could anything get better? The mind boggles.

All kidding aside, it is a very fine copy of Scott 16. The bidders evidently thought so, driving the price to a new record high. It’s the first used copy of this stamp we have recorded in the past four years, which perhaps explains why the bidders were so anxious to obtain it.

12½¢ Large Queen on Watermarked Paper

Lot 1616
Scott 28a
Catalogue $3,250
Realized $1,450

Here is a lovely stamp, nicely centered, with deep rich colour and a portion of three letters of the papermaker’s watermark. But it had some negatives. It was unused, i.e. no gum and had traces of thinning and a minute picked out inclusion at the upper right. This variety of the 12½¢ stamp is so rare however, that the price was bid up to $1450, a new record price. How could anyone pay such a price for a less than perfect stamp. Remember, it had traces of thinning and no gum. The answer is that it is an otherwise very fine copy and we have recorded only one copy at auction since 1986! This variety simply isn’t available because it is so rare.

1¢ Admiral – Major re-entry

Lot 1650
Scott 104vii
Catalogue $2,250
Realized $2,436

Here’s a stamp that consistently commands a strong price. Six copies of this variety sold in the past six years at prices ranging from $1552 to $1900 with one exception. In 2005, a copy sold for only $600. We went back to check and found it was not of the same quality of the others as the corner perforations were a bit crunched. Accordingly, the above price of $2436 was a strong new record price, well above the previous range of prices.

It is interesting that all the copies we have recorded in the past were used, none were mint including this one.

An Outstanding 8¢ Registered Stamp

Lot 1662
Scott F3
Catalogue $375
Realized $2,552

This is a stamp that really impressed us. We have seen hundreds in auction catalogues over the years, but only a few of them with this excellent centering, and only a handful with no hinge mark. This copy has everything and bidders responded with a top bid of $2552.

In the past seven years, we have only recorded six very fine copies of this stamp, that’s less than one a year. Pretty tough on anyone trying to complete their registration set with the finest copies.

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This sale had 7 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRPs($)
16 used
10¢ Albert
3¢ LQ on soft white paper
12 1/2 ¢ LQ watermarked paper
8¢ SQ slate
15¢ Quebec Tercentenary
1¢ Admiral re-entry
8¢ Registered

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