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19 June, 2007 - R. Maresch & Son

As we flipped through the results of this recent Maresch auction, we found many treasures and four new record prices. Held in Toronto, it was such a large sale it took three days to complete. It would be hard to beat the perfection of the three one-half cent stamps that follow:

½ ¢ Large Queen – “Grey Black” Variety

Lot 1978
Unitrade 21vi
Estimate $100
Realized $165

The above stamp was the “grey black” variety, the first we can recall recording and this is unusual. Although it had no gum, it would be hard to match its centering and corner perforations. We have no trouble agreeing with the auctioneer’s description of the stamp as “extremely fine”.

½ ¢ Small Queen – Jumbo


Lot 2073
Scott 34
Estimate $100
Realized $290

This little beauty had no hinge mark and was nicely centered. Its jumbo margins are not uncommon in this stamp, but it is not often they are so well balanced.

½ ¢ Jubilee

Lot 2332
Scott 50
Catalogue $250
Realized $525


The Jubilees are flying high these days. In the past year, one of these ½ ¢ Jubilees
sold for $1,200. A $3 Jubilee sold in 2006 for $12,100. Of the 16 stamps in the set, 11 have sold for over $1,000.

The price paid for this ½ ¢ stamp is the 2nd best price recorded by us in the past 10 years.

Back in 2004, we featured the “Dream Collection of Jubilees”in our Commentary No. 57 Click here to see that commentary.

10¢ Small Queen


Lot 2155
Scott 45
Estimate $2000
Realized $2,900

This had to be one of the jewels of this sale. The price says it all. It was described as a brown red bottom margin copy, NH, superb, mathematically centered with imprint, a SHOWPIECE. At auction, it blew well past the auctioneer’s estimate of $2,000 to reach $2,900. Happy seller, happy buyer and happy auctioneer!


Small Queen – Fancy Cancels

Here’s a selection from the large offering of fancy cancels in the sale:

Kingston “9”
“86” Reversed

Lot 2180
Scott 37a
Estimate $75
Realized $115

Lot 2195
Scott 37
Estimate $100
Realized $140

Lot 2197
Scott F1
Estimate $100
Realized $110


“Masonic Compass”

Lot 2257
Scott 41
Estimate $50
Realized $65

Lot 2298
Scott 37
Estimate $50
Realized $75


Admirals – Various Colours Illustrated

"Sage Green"

Lot 2569
Unitrade 113b
Catalogue $250
Realized $350

Lot 2570
Unitrade 113c
Catalogue $500
Realized $450



Lot 2568
Scott 113
Estimate $170
Realized $145


We always find it instructive to see colour variations illustrated at auction. Here we see three shades of the 7¢ Admiral. Note the large differences in price as you go from one shade to another.

Admirals - Various Prices Illustrated

Lot 2587
Unitrade 118b
Catalogue $180
Realized $260

Lot 2588
Unitrade 118b
Catalogue $180
Realized $120


These two stamps are for all intents and purposes the same. Each was both described as NH, exceptionally well centered and “extremely fine”. Yet the first one sold for twice the price of the second. It’s hard to understand why!

10¢ Mountie – Rare “Broken Leg” Variety

Lot 2693
Unitrade 223ii
Catalogue $700
Realized $3,044

We were impressed at the price paid for this bottom margin block of the 10¢ Mountie “broken leg” variety. Maresch described the block as extremely fine, the nicest they have ever seen, a showpiece. The price is a new record.

52¢ Year of the Pig – Missing Gold

Lot 2812
Scott 2201
Estimate $250
Realized $250


The price for this variety has been all over the place in recent months, but this is the lowest price yet. This might be a reflection of the fact that up until now, the quantities were not known. Perhaps collectors are realizing that there are more than the dealers originally thought existed.

2¢ Registered Stamps - Various Colours Illustrated

"deep rose carmine"

Lot 2961
Scott F1
Catalogue $90
Realized $210

Lot 2962
Scott F1b (HH)
Catalogue $275
Realized $190


“Rose carmine ”

Lot 2963
Scott F1b (no gum)
Estimate $50
Realized $50

Here are more colours illustrated. We have always found this early Canadian stamp to be especially attractive and enjoy seeing its colour variations when they appear at auction.

Bulk sales of Modern Stamps

We generally expect modern Canadian stamps, sold in bulk, to go for about 70% to 85% of their face value, but as will be seen below, the prices realized in this sale were lower:


Face Value
Price Realized
5000 - 6¢ orange coil
400 - Capex sheets
1000 - Int'l Youth sheets
407 - Canada day sheets
60 - $8 Grizzly Bear
Bk 86
1053 - Forts booklets

Average return 60%

Usually these stamps are bought at a small discount for postage and why not, everyone likes a bargain. Whoever bought these lots however, got a real bargain.

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This sale had 4 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
146a - 148a
5¢ - 20¢ Imperf. pairs
10¢ RCMP broken leg
14¢ Christmas - no black
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