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27 June, 2006 - R. Maresch & Son

Bill Maresch and his sons must have been very proud of this sale. The material offered contained so many outstanding stamps. As usual, their early classic Canadian stamps reflected good strength and the prices followed suit. We counted 5 new record prices supporting the comments in the Maresch catalogue “that demand has remained strong for philatelic material of all types and from every area of collecting”.

Outstanding Jubilees – new record prices

Lot 909
Scott 52
Catalogue $55
Realized $90

Lot 935
Scott 54
Catalogue $125
Realized $350

Lot 987
Scott 63
Catalogue $3,400
Realized $5,500

The above 2¢ and 5¢ Jubilees are as good as they come. We particularly admired the 2¢. It seemed to stand out the minute you looked at the images in the catalogue. But it was the 5¢ that achieved the new record price. It sold for $350, up from the previous high of $325 realized in 2000. Only twice in the past 10 years, have we recorded a price of over $300.

The $3.00 jubilee is well centered and without a hinge, a true beauty. It also sold for a new record price, well up from the previous high of $4,500 recorded in 1999. Although the Scott price for the $3.00 is the same as for the $4.00 and $5.00, the number of stamps actually issued by the Post Office for the $3.00 back in 1897 was fewer than for the other two. As things stand today, the catalogue values and record prices for the top value Jubilees are as follows:

Scott 2007 Value
Record Price
$ 5,500
$ 3,300


Scott 9 – 7½d green

Lot 425
Scott 9
Catalogue $6,500
Realized $8,500

Here is a stamp we truly admire. The image is based on the Chalon portrait of the Queen originally used on the 12d stamp issued by Canada in 1851. The price is a strong one for a stamp with the following description: “large part o.g., tiny corner crease UR in margin only and a couple of negligible toning spots, an extremely fresh and very fine SHOWPIECE with 1967 B.P.A. cert.”

Scott 13 – 6d brown violet

Lot 441
Scott 13
Catalogue $8,250
Realized $12,500

There is no mistaking the auctioneer’s feelings about this beauty:

“astonishingly well centered with all perforations clear of frameline except at UL, light 4-ring cancel, with 2006 Greene and 1968 B.P.A. certs., a truly superb example of this very difficult stamp and a VERY RARE SHOWPIECE”

This is the second best price we have recorded for this rare stamp. It comes from the first set of “perforated stamps” issued in 1858-59. Until this time, Canada had only issued imperforate stamps. They had to be cut from the sheet with a pair of scissors. When the new stamps were issued in 1858 with perforations, some people still using scissors to separate them. Note this on the right margin of the above stamp.

Scott 33 - 3¢ Large Queen on laid paper


Lot 591
Scott 33
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $3,750

It may be hard to believe, but the above $3750 is a new record price for the stamp. This is so for a number of reasons. First, it’s a bit off center, being centered towards the top of the stamp. Second, it has no gum. Third, the price is only 37% of its catalogue value. How can a stamp with these three minuses attract new record price?

The answer lies in the extreme scarcity of this stamp in mint form. We have only recorded three copies in very fine condition in the past 30 years. The earliest was sold in 1973 at a Sissons auction for $2,400. The second was a copy offered for sale in a Maresch private treaty sale in 1977 for $7,500. It was well centered and, according to Maresch, it was the finest known copy. The copy sold in this sale is the third one we know of and the only one sold since 1977. Interestingly, all three copies were without gum. It may be that the collector who bid on the stamp at this sale knew of its great scarcity and was willing to pay the price. In retrospect, we think the price is quite reasonable knowing that in 1977, a stamp in similar condition, but with better centering, was offered for $7,500.

Scott 45– 10¢ Small Queen

Lot 823
Scott 45
Catalogue $500
Realized $2,700

Here’s a stamp that for serious collectors is like honey to the bees. This one and others like it have attracted amazing bids in recent years. A year ago, a copy sold for $3,000. At that time the catalogue value was $400.This year it jumped $500.

This is another Maresch sale that warranted far greater coverage than we have space for. You can access further details by clicking on the highlights button below.


This sale had five new record prices:

Scott 33
3¢ Large Queen
Scott 54
5¢ Jubilee
Scott 63
$3 Jubilee
Scott 82
8¢ Numeral
Scott E3
20¢ Special Delivery

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