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30 July, 2009 - Lex de Ment Ltd.

What could the person have been thinking when they took out their scissors to cut these three stamps off the sheet. They obviously had no appreciation for the beautiful large borders admired by collectors around the world. We must admit it gets our dander up every time we see thin borders like this on Canada’s early stamps. Could it be that a century and a half ago, someone did this just to upset all future collectors!

Lot 310
Scott 1
Catalogue $3,450
Realized $2,350


This strip of three was described by Lex De Ment as “an outstanding showpiece” and, not surprisingly, he featured it on the front cover of the auction catalogue. Although the margins are narrow, the cancels are fairly light compared to what we often see on these Scott 1 stamps.

Strong Admirals


Lot 526
Scott 106c
Catalogue $45
Realized $140

Lot 534
Scott 108
Catalogue $40
Realized $130

Lot 539
Scott 110
Catalogue $125
Realized $190

Lot 548
Unitrade 112c
Catalogue $195
Realized $150

Lot 571
Unitrade 118b
Catalogue $180
Realized $140

Lot 581
Scott 122
Catalogue $250
Realized $300

Modern Varieties


Lot 704
Scott 727a
Catalogue $550
Realized $350


Lot 706
Unitrade 878i
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $825


Lot 712
Unitrade 2201i
Catalogue $400
Realized $180


We get a smile on our face each time we see the above pig featured on the “Year of the Pig” stamp. It certainly seems to be one happy pig!

Whoever is designing these Chinese New Year stamps is doing a great job. The series, which began in 1997, has given Canadian collectors much to collect in terms of singles, inscription blocks, sheets and press sheets, together with all kinds of interesting varieties.

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