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11 May and 22 June, 2002 - Robert A. Lee Auctions Ltd.

Last spring, Bob Lee, the well known auctioneer from Kelowna, BC, held a remarkable auction of Canadian revenue stamps. The stamps were from the " John J. Gaudio" collection. In introducing the sale in his catalogue, Bob Lee stated:

" The 'John Gaudio' Collection of Canadian Revenue Stamps

It is always a pleasure to present a one-person collection, for then do you really see the measure of the philatelist. I have known John for many years and have provided many nice items for his collection. Seeing it all together so carefully mounted and cared for in its 25 volumes do you appreciate the love this man has for his stamps.

As collectors of revenues, you know the centring and condition of the early issues is not always what we would like. John searched and searched until he found the best available, many times the rarity of the item demanded that it be added to the collection irregardless. Overall the condition is the best I have seen in a revenue collection in all my years of stamps.

The collection will be sold in two sales, both in one catalogue, Saturday, May 11th and June 22nd. Now please join with me in enjoying one of the finest Canadian revenue collections ever formed."

It was an impressive sale and while many exceptionally high prices were realized, it must be acknowledged that many of the stamps sold at or below catalogue as is normal in a general auction of any collection.

Clearly the focus from the start was on a remarkable group of four War Savings Die Proofs (lots 184 to 187). These were offered as individual lots. However, it was stipulated that if a single bid for the four lots exceeded the sum of the four individual lots, they would be sold as one lot. This was in fact what happened and the four lots sold to one bidder for $14,500.

Lot 187
Lot 187
Catalogue FWS4
$5 Green French Inscription "LargeDie Proof"

The fourth item, lot 187 shown above, is the only recorded example of the French inscription stamp. It was exhibited in the Capex '96 Gems of Canadian Philately.

Were the revenue stamps in the Gaudio collection rare? A brief summary of the descriptions that follow makes the answer quite clear:

Lot 241       "three examples known"
Lot 449       "only wmkd. example known"
Lot 460       "only two or three known"
Lot 475       "finest of five known copies"
Lot 571       "only example I know of"
Lot 693       "one of only 2 known pairs"
Lot 1101     "3 known"
Lot 1158     "5 known"
Lot 1210     "only 1 watermarked"

We would suggest that any collector who is interested in revenue stamps get their hands on the catalogue for this auction as it will undoubtedly be a very helpful resource in future for research and other purposes.

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Bob Lee's next sale will be held on October 19, 2002.


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