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21 January, 2009 - H.R. Harmer Inc.

The "Mount Royal" Collection
of Canada
(Part III)

Part III of the ”Mount Royal” collection was, like the first two Parts, quite extraordinary. Part I took place last spring at the height of the market. It produced 67 new record prices. Part II, held last October, produced only 23 and Part III, just held, produced 7.

These figures are very representative of the prices realized in these sales and of the stamp auction market in general. Since September, stamp auction prices have been on the decline. This is true for rare old classics, but also for modern varieties. What shocked us particularly were the large number of valuable stamps than didn’t even sell.

Apart from the prices, the quality and abundance of old and modern rare stamps in these sales can only be described as extraordinary. We can see why Harmers split the sale up into three parts. The market can only take so much. It’s just too bad the international economic meltdown had to occur during the last two parts of the sale. It is seldom one sees so many plate blocks and sheets of such rare material, particularly the modern varieties. It’s almost hard to believe such material exists.

Well, enough comments! Let’s have a look at some of the highlights. The prices realized have been converted at the rate of $1 US = $1.27 Cdn.


Lot 2007
Scott 2
Catalogue $1,850
Realized $1,714

Lot 2025
Scott 5d
Catalogue $3,000
Realized $3,810


Lot 2017
Unitrade 3Pi
Catalogue $5,000
Realized $5,080


Lot 2039
Unitrade 14v
Estimate $3,000-4,000
Realized $2,032

Lot 2040
Scott 18b
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $5,080


Lot 2044
Scott 19a
Catalogue $2,200
Realized $1,206


Lot 2050
Unitrade 26 iv
Catalogue $250
Realized $1,270

Lot 2053
Scott 30e
Catalogue $1,650
Realized $2,159



Lot 2057
Unitrade 35a NH
Estimate $1,000-1,500
Realized $1,333



Lot 2059
Unitrade 37iv
Catalogue $4,000
Realized $2,286

Lot 2065
Scott 45
Catalogue $625
Realized $1,016

Lot 2075
Scott 61
Catalogue $2,400
Realized $4,127


Lot 2106
Scott 79
Catalogue $440
Realized $603


Lot 2131
Scott 92a
Catalogue $800
Realized $540

Lot 2134
Scott 93a
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $730


Lot 2153
Scott 118a
Catalogue $3,600
Realized $3,683

Lot 2165
Scott 122a
Catalogue $3,600
Realized $4,445


Lot 2186
Unitrade 149ciii
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $572


Lot 2205
Scott 176 NH
Catalogue $400
Realized $254


Lot 2231
Unitrade 213i
Catalogue $3,500
Realized $3,175


Lot 2473
Unitrade 1516i
Catalogue $3,000
Realized $1,397



Lot 2476
Scott 1521a
Estimate $5,000-7,500
Realized $5,397


We must admit we did not have high expectations for this sale. But, we have to be impressed by some of the realizations shown above. It is clear there are still bidders out there determined to chase material that is either rare or of exceptional quality. It is also clear that the softening of the market continues. Many of the bids in this sale were well below the recent year’s record prices. As a result, many of the patterns or trends that developed over the last few years no longer exist and it will be very hard to guess how the stamp auction market will develop over the next year. We will watch carefully and with great interest and keep our viewers advised.

This sale had 7 new record prices:

15¢ Large Queen, deep blue
7¢ Admiral, red brown
$1 Admiral, imperforate pair
2¢ NB, imperf. block, closed frameline
48¢ Golden Jubilee, imperf. inscr. block
6¢ Airmail, imperforate pair
16¢ Airmail, imperforate pair

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