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14 June, 2007 - Charles G. Firby Auctions

The Outstanding Wilkinson Collection of Canadian Covers

On June 14th, Charles Firby proudly presented the Warren S. Wilkinson collection of Canadian Postal Rates 1851-1859. He described this remarkable FIP Gold winning collection of Canada's first issue Postal History as unparalleled in history. The collection consisted of 346 covers (215 bearing the first issue stamps) and included nearly every important cover recorded, with quality being exquisite throughout.

We present below some of the highlights from the collection, noting only that the quality and rarity of so much postal history being brought together in this one sale is truly remarkable

Please note that all prices below are in $US. If our viewers need to convert, the conversion rate on June 14th was $1US = 1.068 Cdn.

Rare Bisects – all new record prices


Lot 214
Scott 4b
Estimate $50,000
Realized $40,000
(Last sold in 1996 for $27,000)

Lot 71
Scott 5c
Estimate $15,000
Realized $19,000
(Last sold in 1991 for $10,500)

Lot 72
Scott 10a
Estimate $18,000
Realized $18,000
(Last sold in 1996 for $13,000)

The prices for the above three covers will be of interest to the people at Scott catalogue. Their catalogue values haven’t changed in the past six years and are well below the above realizations.

Scott 3 – highest price

Lot 200
Scott 3
Estimate - none
Realized $160,000


This cover, bearing one of Canada’s earliest and rarest stamps, received the highest price in the sale. Firby notes
“the Queen’s face is virtually free from being hidden by a cancellation which cannot be said of the stamps on the other 3 covers in the public arena”

Scott 5a – a premium cover


Lot 164
Scott 5a
Estimate $1,000
Realized $14,000

We can only imagine the delight and surprise on the face of the participants at this auction when this cover sold for 14 times its estimate.

Scott 7ii

Lot 233
Scott 7ii
Estimate $7,500
Realized $17,000

This cover was a regular 10d blue on thin paper with the major re-entry found in position no. 29. Unitrade gives this variety on cover a value of $4,000.

Scott 9

Lot 252
Scott 9
Estimate $10,000
Realized $22,000

What a beauty this is. Firby described it as “another showpiece and unique important rate cover that is one of the finest 7½d covers extant. Unitrade puts a value of $6,000 on it.

Scott 4iii & 9a


Lot 275
Scott 4iii, 9a
Estimate $50,000
Realized $150,000

The combination of stamps on this cover, Scott 4iii and 9a, are tied by a neat 4-Ring 1 cancel to a choice & pristine registered mourning cover from Barrie, Nov 21, 1857 to England. It is a phenomenal and terribly important Philatelic cover and another of the Gems of Canadian Philately. For the Connoisseur!


We will remember this sale and its amazing array of rare covers for some time. Charles Firby has done the stamp community a service in the way he has beautifully presented the Wilkinson collection. The owner must be delighted with the results and is to be congratulated for having put together such an outstanding collection, the quality and scope of which one sees only once or twice in one’s lifetime.


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