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17 March, 2006 - Charles G. Firby Auctions

It was quite easy to choose the stamp that would lead off this review. It was this spectacular lower margin block of nine of the 3d beaver:

Lot 48
Scott 4a
Estimate $13,570
Realized $8,120

Firby described this block as having a fabulous deep rich color, on medium wove paper. It is cut close and there are faults which can be forgiven considering that this is the largest unused multiple of the entire Pence issue.

Jacques Cartier stamp

Lot 65
Scott 7a
Catalogue $29,000
Realized $17,400

It was an interesting coincidence that the above Jacques Cartier block should be put up for auction on the same day our Commentary No. 81 appeared. Our Commentary featured some of the finest copies of Scott 7 that have sold in the past 30 years, including the above block. The one referred to in the Commentary sold for $16,000 US at a Firby auction in 2004. The one in this sale sold for $15,000 US (or $17,400 Cdn.) in 2006.

Prince Albert

Lot 84
Scott 17a
Catalogue $110
Realized $220

We featured this example of the Prince Albert stamp because it was a lovely large margined centered (for this) example which has no perf. holes touching the frame line.

Large Queens

Lot 93
Scott 21
Catalogue $55
Realized $185


It’s not often we see the above stamp with such a beautiful cancellation. This cancel was described as an Ottawa Crown. If one looks at the page in the catalogue where this image is found, one cannot help zeroing in on it because it is so distinctive and so perfect. It is a choice stamp which would add excellence to anyone’s collection.

Lot 120
Scott 28
Catalogue $90
Realized $139


This too is a beauty with its clear and distinctive postmark which appears to be dated April 18, 1868. We say “appears”, because it is difficult to make out the exact day.


Beautiful Jubilees

Lot 153
Scott 50 LH
Catalogue $80
Realized $93

Lot 156
Scott 54
Catalogue $95
Realized $197

Lot 159
Scott 55
Catalogue $450
Realized $522

Lot 165
Scott 56
Catalogue $105
Realized $377

One of the strongest sets presented in the sale was the Jubilee set. The above examples strongly attest to this. We particularity liked the 8¢ Jubilee because of its large even borders.

Modern varieties

Lot 329
Scott 1167a var
Estimate $348
Realized $151


The above stamp is quite unusual and one that is new to us. Firby categorizes it as a Scott 1167a which means that it comes from the Ashton Potter booklet pane of 10. The two unique features are first, that it is imperforate between the selvedge and the stamp and second, that it’s got Plate No. “1” in the left margin. We would’ve thought that the estimate for this unusual item would be higher than $348 shown above and must admit to being even more surprised that it sold for only $151.

Lot 332
Scott 1167ii var
Estimate $1160
Realized $1217

The above new variety is also one we have never seen before. It clearly comes from the booklet because of the tabs. However, what is odd, as pointed out by Firby, is that the tabs are on the right hand side instead of the left which is the normal position. He describes the above stamps as quite rare and possibly unique.

2¢ Registered Stamp – New Record price

Lot 556
Unitrade F1i
Catalogue $510
Realized $551


What a lovely example this is of the 2¢ registration stamp. Firby has categorized it as Unitrade F1i which is the “orange red” variety, as opposed to the normal “orange” colour. Surprisingly, we have only recorded one previous sale of this variety which goes back to 2003. And while undoubtedly a number have sold at auction, we would guess, based on our records, that these have not been of the investment grade type of stamps for which we keep pricing records.

Semi- Postal Air Mail Stamps

Lot 396
Unitrade CL21a
Catalogue $1200
Realized $2204

Lot 412
Unitrade CL42 var
Catalogue $3500
Realized $4640

Lot 421
Unitrade CL52a
Catalogue $750
Realized $696


This sale featured some of the most beautiful and rare semi postal air mail stamps we have seen at auction. We could write an entire commentary on the results of just this section of the auction it was so significant. However, we have limited ourselves to featuring the three outstanding examples shown above.

We looked back at some of the major auctions that have taken place over the past three years and noticed a fair number of semi-postal stamps being presented for sale. This includes not only stamps but covers as well. As shown above, some of the results can be as positive as those achieved for Canada's regular postage stamps.

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Please note:
When reporting the prices from the sale, a conversion rate of $1US=$1.16Cdn. was used.

This sale had two new record prices:
  Scott 70
  5¢ Maple Leaf
  Scott F1i
  2¢ Registration

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