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26 August, 2009 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

We have just received the prices realized for this sale at our office in Montreal. It was one of the last sales of the summer and we were glad to get them because the auction scene has been very slow lately. As we write this commentary, Eastern’s President, Gary Lyon will be returning from the BNAPX – SEAWAYPEX show held from September 11 to 13 in Kingston, Ontario.

We start off our review with this lovely 1¢ Edward VII which is VF NH:

Lot 459
Scott 89
Catalogue $87
Realized $135

This set had a relatively long life, being in use from 1903 to 1908. Very fine NH copies are in great demand. It’s surprising to think that there would be such a demand for this 1¢ stamp, knowing that over 1 billion were issued over the 5 year period of use. So where did they all go? The answer is that many of them that were not used for postage are still with us but only a very few of these are well centered and it’s with these stamps where the value lies.


Well Centered Admirals

Lot 470
Scott 105
Catalogue $45
Realized $75

Lot 486
Scott 109
Catalogue $40
Realized $85

The sale featured a number of lovely Admirals. We liked the look of these two in particular. While not quite perfectly centered, they are clearly in the VF category and attracted strong prices, well above catalogue. These two stamps were issued in the billions like the above Edward VII. Those were in the days before e-mail was invented, when communication by regular mail was the norm.

$1 Stamps

Lot 561
Unitrade 227i
Catalogue $150
Realized $95

Lot 567
Scott 245
Catalogue $120
Realized $65

Lot 576
Scott 262
Catalogue $100
Realized $82

Can you remember back to the late 1970s when Canada’s dollar stamps were all the rage? We, like so many others, bought as many as we could. But what a disappointment it was when the bottom fell out of the market in the 1980s. That was all part of a learning process, but it was a hard lesson.


Modern Imperforates



Lot 631
Scott 953a
Catalogue $300
Realized $260

Lot 635
Scott 1194Bf
Catalogue $200
Realized $90

Lot 638
Scott 1194Cg
Catalogue $300
Realized $305


Prices for Canada’s modern imperforate coil pairs have been relatively soft in recent years, a pattern that continues. We checked the above results against other recent sales and they are in the normal range which is encouraging.


5 Hole “OHMS” Perfins

Lot 769
Scott OA 158
Catalogue $450
Realized $225

Lot 843
Scott OA E3(pos.E)
Estimate $500
Realized $750


Eastern offered a large group of these rare perfins which they described as “the result of some fortunate purchases recently.”

We know little of this special area of collecting, but picked two examples to show. The second copy is exceptionally well centered and drew our admiration. A single used copy without the holes has a catalogue value of $17.50. Punch a bunch of holes in it and it sells for $750. Makes you wonder!

For more details of the sale, please click on the highlights button.

Eastern’s next sale will be another mail sale, to be held on October 14, 2009.

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