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14 February, 2009 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

We couldn’t help but notice the number of outstanding lots of cancelled stamps at the beginning of the Canadian section of this auction. There were eighteen mini-collections of beautifully “dated” Small Queens and Jubilees that would make any collector’s eyes shine. Here is an example:


Lot 125
Scott 35 & 37
Estimate $750
Realized $1,250

Almost all the lots sold for well over their estimates and, in some cases, for more than double. This is such a popular area of stamp collecting today and we suspect it always will be. As a collector, we always stop to admire a stamp that has a nice date cancellation on it. But when someone patiently puts together a collection of these, we cannot resist looking carefully at the results. So to whoever put these collections together, our compliments!

2¢ Registered - An Outstanding Copy

Lot 306
Scott F1b
Catalogue $625
Realized $1,450

This stamp is a real feast for the eyes, a collector’s delight. It is NH, has nice wide borders, neat perforations with a deep rich colour and impression. Not surprisingly, it attracted a very strong price, in fact, the second best we have recorded.

Beautiful Numerals

Lot 196
Scott 74
Catalogue $15
Realized $65

Lot 197
Scott 75
Catalogue $60
Realized $325

Lot 198
Scott 76
Catalogue $60
Realized $160

When we look at these low value Numerals, we think “my, what big fat borders you have!” This isn’t something we would say to any of our friends, but it is a perfectly acceptable compliment for lovely stamps like these.

Only the 1¢ is perfectly centered. But regardless, the others are close enough that they drew strong bids. We were so impressed by the price for the 1¢ that we were sure it was a new record. But it turns out that two years ago, a copy sold for $458.. But we weren’t far off because the above the price of $325 is the second best price in the past ten years.

It’s amazing to think that over 313,000,000 of these 1¢ stamps were issued back in 1898 and now, just a single copy has sold for $325.

Admiral Imperforates

Very Fine LH
“Faint pressed wrinkle”

Lot 228
Scott 110a
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,800

Lot 233
Scott 115a
Catalogue $3,600
Realized $1,800


“Usual light wrinkle”

Lot 237
Scott 120b
Catalogue $2,400
Realized $3,000


We were a bit puzzled by the results for these three Admiral Imperforates. Very few NH copies have appeared on the market over the years so you would have thought the 8¢ stamp would attract the strongest price, but such was not the case. The 4¢ and 50¢ each sold for the best prices in the past ten years for a LH copy. The 8¢, which was NH, sold for a relatively low price.

The only explanation we can think of is that the wrinkle on the back of the 8¢, stamp had been “pressed” and this alteration may have discouraged potential buyers. Without that wrinkle, we estimate it would have sold for double the price it received….Too bad!

Unitrade has some useful comments to make about these Admiral Imperforates which help us to understand their faults:

“Due to the serious mishandling of the imperf. sheets,10 – 15 pairs each of the 50¢ and $1 are quite seriously creased, leaving 35 -40 sound pairs of each. Unhinged pairs are very rare for all Admiral Imperforates.”

Admiral Overprints

Lot 258
Scott 139a
Catalogue $350
Realized $425


Lot 261
Scott 140a
Catalogue $240
Realized $280

Lot 262
Scott 140b
Catalogue $240
Realized $210


Three unusual stamps, all with obvious printing errors, all poorly centered, but they sold for good prices. The Canadian overprints from these early years, Scott 87/88 and Scott 139/40 have attracted surprisingly strong prices in recent years.It has been quite noticeable.


The QE II Centennial Set – rare Imperforates

There are quite a few imperforate pairs in the 1967 centennial set. Some of the scare ones are currently selling for relatively low values, for example:


Lot 279
Scott 549a
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $750

Others are even scarcer, including these on hibrite paper:

Lot 277
Unitrade 468Aii
Catalogue $4,000
Realized $3,500

Lot 278
Scott 468Bd
Catalogue $2,750
Realized $1,700


But while scarce, even these attracted prices in the sale that were well below their catalogue values. For those with means, this could be quite an opportunity.

Modern Variety – Relatively unrecognized

Lot 288
Scott 1441a
Catalogue $3,750
Realized $1,600


Canada issued two stamps in 1992 to honour the country’s achievements in space and space technology. The second of the two stamps, the one with the space shuttle flying over the globe, was Canada’s first hologram stamp

The best known rarity for the pair is the variety on the second stamp with the missing hologram. We recorded this variety in 1999 when it first appeared at auction. Since then singles, pairs, inscription blocks and sheets have appeared regularly, in fact over 35 times in the past 10 years according to our pricing records.

In 2006, we recorded for the first time the variety on the first stamp with the silver colour missing. It sold for $1,200. Last year, a complete sheet of ten appeared on the market and sold for $11,500. The price of $1,600 realized in this sale for a single copy is therefore a new record price.

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The sale had three new record prices.

Previous NRP
6¢ Maple leaf - engraver's slip
96ii - 103ii
1/2 - 20¢ Que. Ter. Imperf. pairs
42¢ Anik - silver omitted

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