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27 August, 2008 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

Look at any perforated stamp and try to judge its quality. Does it have nice even perforations all around, is it well centered? Then turn it over, is it hinged, is the gum nice and glossy? It is a bit surprising to know that none of these attributes apply to some Canadian stamps. An example follows.

Scott 77d – no perfs , no gum!

Lot 518
Scott 77d Die II
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $1,800

This imperforate pair has no perforations and was issued without gum. There are two varieties - Die I is the more common and has a Scott value of $475. Die II is also fairly common, it appears regularly at auction, and has a higher Scott value of $1,800. In this sale, the price realized matched the catalogue value and, in fact, represents a new record price. This is an advance over the $1,500 previous record that was realized in an Eastern sale earlier this year.

It is interesting to note that Scott dramatically increased the value for this pair from $850 to $1,800 in its 2009 catalogue. Two years ago, copies were selling for $600 to $800. Last year, the price range jumped to $800 to $1,000. This year, it increased again, with copies selling from $1,200 to $1,800. This pair is clearly in demand.

Scott 83ii

Lot 525
Scott 83ii
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $875

This imperforate pair from the Numeral Set comes both with and without gum. According to the Unitrade catalogue, there were 200 printed with gum and 300 without. These numbers help explain why their catalogue values are fairly similar, $1,500 for the pair with gum and $1,250 for the other. But is this reflected in the auction prices?

We reviewed the prices realized from 1998 to 2008 and concluded that they did support the auction results. The record price for a pair with gum is $1,200 and that for a pair without is $1,116. Prices during the whole of the 10 year period were very similar and this supports the Unitrade valuations.

8¢ Cameo

Lot 617
Scott 200a
Catalogue $240
Realized $165

The imperforates of this set were issued with gum and are almost always offered that way. But in this auction, a few pairs were offered without gum and this is unusual. The price realized for the above stamp was 69% of catalogue value. The seller may have been lucky to get that high a price

RCMP – Double print

Lot 646
Scott 614a var
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $850


For some reason, the printers really messed up on this imperforate. First of all, they shouldn’t have allowed imperforate copies to get out the door and second, they shouldn’t have messed up the printing like this. There are lots of copies available of the regular imperforates and also of the double print. Collectors don’t try very hard to buy them and as a consequence, the prices have been quite soft, to put it mildly. Last June, a pair sold for $275 and 2005, a pair sold for only $135.

Despite all this, it is in our view a beautiful stamp, one of the more attractive ones Canada has issued in recent years. Unitrade notes that these double printed imperforate stamps were found “on the bottom stamp”. This is supported by our research records. All previous sales of double printed stamps have been in the bottom stamps. The above strip shows the doubled stamp varieties in the top stamp. Is this therefore unusual?

The answer can be found perhaps by looking at the full sheet which shows the variety. One such sheet sold at a Maresch sale last June. It shows the double print in the top row, in the bottom row and in two of the rows in between. So there is nothing unusual about the strip sold in this sale

Stamps with Scarce Perforations

This sale offered a number of blocks of Canada’s modern stamps with scarce perforations. We think these stamps have excellent potential for increased value in the long term. Despite this, the auction prices they have been selling for in the past year are not impressive. Here are some examples from this sale:

917aii Corner blocks
1172d Single
1179b Single
1257a Booklet pane
1289a Pair
1370a Single


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This sale had one new record price:

Previous NRP
2¢ Numeral imperf. pair Die II


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