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14 June, 2008 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

This was a very strong sale. As we reviewed the report from Eastern on the prices realized, we were struck by the way they had illustrated some of the finest stamps that had been offered in the sale. It was wonderful to see. It was clear that the sale contained some very rare stamps in unusually fine quality.

Scott 4 – A couple of beauties

Almost all auctions contain a number of Canada’s early beaver stamps, but here are two that we thought merited particular attention:

Rare unused copy
Huge borders

Lot 353
Scott 4 mint
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $1,600

Lot 355
Scott 4 used
Catalogue $240
Realized $750

Mint copies of Scott 4 are not that rare, but not many come with such nice borders and such a clear impression. This copy had no gum, but then the copy that has attracted the highest price that sold in 1997 had no gum. That copy sold for $4,750. This just shows that the buyer in this case did very well.

The second copy is featured simply because it has such beautiful borders and such a light cancellation. The bidders obviously recognized this wonderful combination.

Scott 13 – a rare Albert

Lot 376
Scott 13
Catalogue $16,000
Realized $17,000

What a lovely copy of this attractive stamp. Very few copies of this stamp survive in perfect condition. As we look over the list that have sold over the past ten years, we note over and over the imperfections that each one has. This particular one, while beautiful to look at and unusually well centered, had a minute thin spot and a trivial perforation flaw on top. Still, a price of $17,000 is not insignificant and says a lot about how rare it is to find a Scott 13 so well centered and in such nice condition.

3¢ Large Queen – On laid paper

Lot 445
Scott 33
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $2,100

This is the 7th used copy of the 3¢ Large Queen on laid paper we have recorded in the past ten years and the second best price. The best price of $2,400 was realized at the Eastern sale on March 1, 2008. We compared the two and would rather have this one in our collection if we had a choice. Both were exceptional copies, but the earlier one had a beautiful date cancellation and that may have tipped the balance in its favour.

Small Queens - Perfect examples of the rare perforation


Lot 453
Unitrade 35vii
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $1,800

Lot 456
Unitrade 36e
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $4,000



Lot 462
Unitrade 37ii
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $2,200

Wow!! As we look at the quality of these three Small Queens with the rare 11½ x 12 perforations, we find ourselves at a loss for words. All three attracted new record prices and this came as no surprise. The new record prices for the first two are noticeably above the previous record prices. We can’t say the same for the third copy, i.e. the Unitrade 37ii, because we do not have any record of the sale of this stamp in investment quality since 1986.

Scott 90vii– The price keeps climbing

Lot 535
Unitrade 90vii
Catalogue $300
Realized $425


There is a very subtle difference between a Type I and Type II 2 ¢ Edward VII. The Scott catalogue doesn’t even bother to list Type II. Unitrade not only lists both types, but gives an illustration which our viewers would have to look at to see the difference as it’s very subtle. But if one looks at the prices realized for Scott 90 vs. 90vii, the Scott 90vii comes out the clear winner with much higher prices. Despite this, the highest price realized for either of them came in auction a year ago when a Scott 90 Type I sold for $458.

3¢ Parliament variety - Twice offered, but what a difference!


Lot 586
Scott 143 var
Estimate $1,250
Realized $2,100


We have a record of only one other copy of this variety with the imperforate margin being sold previously. In 2004, a copy sold at a Hennok sale for $55. It was not of the same quality as this one, but for something this rare, this should not be that significant. We remember being so surprised at the low price at the time. It just didn’t make sense for anything so rare.

Scott F3 – As good as it gets!


Lot 681
Scott F3
Catalogue $800
Realized $3,250

Eight years ago, a Scott F3 sold for $2,070. A year ago a copy sold for $2,552. Now a copy has sold for $3,250. All three copies were NH. A well centered NH copy of the stamp is so unusual, we would not be surprised to see the price continue to climb, that is if another copy actually comes to sale in the next little while.

What a pleasure it was to review this sale. We’re not sure what impressed us most, the quality or the prices because both were outstanding. For more details on the sale, please click on the highlights button.


This sale had 22 new record prices:

Previous NRPs
10d Jacques Cartier
7 1/2d Victoria
1¢ SQ 11 1/2 x 12
2¢ SQ 11 1/2 x 12
3 ¢ SQ 11 1/2 x 12
5¢ Jubilee
2¢ Edward VII Type I
5¢ Que. Tercentenary
1¢ Admiral yellow green
20¢ Adm. retouched spandrel
$1 Admiral deep orange
1¢ Admiral coil
2¢ Admiral coil
143 var
3¢ Parliament - imperf. margin
6¢ Airmail imperf.
7¢ Airmail imperf.
20¢ Special delivery imperf.
20¢ Special delivery imperf.
8¢ Registration
10¢ Postage due
2¢ War Tax
2¢ War Tax



Eastern’s next mail sale will take place on July 16, 2008


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