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4 June, 2008 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

The Eastern spring mail sale was full of imperforates, a type of stamp that is attracting a lot of attention these days. The latest Scott catalogue was full of price increases for just about all the imperforates, old and new. But this sale demonstrated that it can be hard to predict prices for these rare stamps. Often they sell for catalogue or more, sometimes much more. But on occasion, they attract weak prices and this is what happened to some of the imperforates in this sale. This is typical of a “thin market”, a type of market where there are few participants. We will keep an eye on this in future sales.

Beautiful Large Queen

Lot 706
Scott 29
Catalogue $55
Realized $135

This nicely centered stamp had something special about it, which was a scarce House of Commons cancellation. Eastern put an estimate of $125 on it and it beat that by $10.

Those early low value stamps!

Lot 763
Scott 66
Catalogue $27
Realized $42

We have to chuckle when we see these early low value stamps selling for well over their catalogue prices. We find it interesting that the most inexpensive of Canada’s stamps can attract such strong bidding. One of the reasons is that, at this price range, everybody can get into the act. How have the catalogue prices for this stamp done in the past few years? Here is some data:

Scott 2009
Scott 2008
Scott 2007
Scott 2006

How high can the bidding go for this stamp? Last year, a copy went for $183, or about 9 times the then catalogue price. Not bad !


Scott 123 - 1¢ Admiral Coil

Lot 849
Scott 123
Catalogue $250
Realized $241

These Admiral coils are very popular. This one was VF NH and had perforations that were perfect. But it was centered slightly to the right and had a tiny pencil notation on the back. We wish we could read the minds of the bidders as they weighed all these factors and placed their bids.

Scott 157 – Imperforate pair


Lot 894
Scott 157b
Catalogue $280
Realized $275

This beautiful pair was imperforate vertically. Its Scott value increased from $225 to $280 this year. This was warranted as the prices for the imperforates of this set had been consistently exceeding their catalogue values. The best price we have recorded was $290, which means the above price is a strong one and supports the Scott value.

Scott 908a – a puzzling price

Lot 980
Scott 908a
Catalogue $400
Realized $185


This price puzzles us. The “A” coil stamp was only used for a short time and the imperforate pairs are quite rare. This copy was VF NH and so it is hard to understand why the price was so low. As we mentioned above, these things happen in a thin market and this is the only explanation we can think of. Oddly enough, the Scott price jumped from $300 to $400 in this year’s catalogue. Whoever bought this pair can pat himself or herself on the back. Don’t we all wish we could get a break like this!

Annual year books

Eastern regularly offers Canada Post’s annual year books in its sales, but it seems the demand is not strong. Here’s how some of them did:

Year Issued
Price Realized

Press sheets

These sheets also have a spotty demand which we must admit surprises us. As we have mentioned in the past, we believe that because they are unusual and were issued in relatively small numbers, they will do very well in the long run. Here’s how a few of them did:

Price Realized
1996 Birds of Canada - signed
1997 Year of the Ox
1997 Birds of Canada
1998 RCMP
2000 Year of the Dragon

The fact of they sold for over 50% of the estimate is actually a fairly strong indicator. We are pleased to see this.

Souvenir Cards

A presentation was recently made at our local stamp club concerning Canada’s “Souvenir Cards”. These cards often appear in connection with major stamp shows. The presenter made the point that because they were quite rare, he was puzzled that they never seemed to appear at auction.

Lot 3722 in this auction featured 4 of the presentation cards issued by Canada Post in connection with CAPEX 1987. The estimated price for the 4 cards was $25 and they sold for $6. This low price may explain why these cards seldom appear at auction!

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Eastern’s next mail sale will take place on July 16, 2008

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