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12 March, 2008 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

We collectors usually have a soft spot in our hearts for Canada’s early classical stamps. But when we bid on ones with even the slightest faults, we become pretty hard nosed. Just look at the prices paid for the following stamps with their faults described:

“Tiny nick in lower margin“
“Trivial thin “

Lot 465
Scott 5a
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $850

Lot 466
Scott 7
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $850

“Tiny thin spot“
“Two tiny corner creases“

Lot 467
Scott 8
Catalogue $600
Realized $425

Lot 469
Scott 10
Catalogue $4,750
Realized $1,600

We were especially surprised at the price paid for the first stamp, Scott 5a (brownish gray), which is very rare. Its catalogue value is twice that of Scott 5 (slate gray) and Scott 5b (greenish gray)

Since 1999, we have only recorded the sale of four copies of Scott 5a. We recall a dealer saying that this was one of the most difficult early Canadian stamps to get a hold of. The above copy is a VF copy with large margins on three sides. Its only fault was a tiny nick in the lower margin. Who ever successfully bid on this stamp did very well.

Scott 204a - A most beautiful imperforate

Lot 682
Scott 204a
Catalogue $750
Realized $625

This imperforate pair, featuring the “Royal William”, represents so well the beauty of the Canadians stamps issued in the mid 1930s. It was designed and engraved by Bruce Hay, based on a painting by Stephan D. Skillett. The Royal William was the first Canadian ship to cross the Atlantic entirely under steam power and this it did in 1834. Two years earlier, in1832, she visited Boston and became the first steamer to fly the British flag in a United States port.

Scott 549a – It had a very short life

Lot 713
Scott 549a
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $950

In the past ten years, 16 copies of the 7¢ QEII imperforate coil have been sold at auction at prices ranging from $730 to $1,156. The price realized for the above pair is right in the middle of the range. It’s the best price in the past three years. The stamp was only in circulation for six months.


Unitrade 2201i – Year of the Pig

Lot 755
Unitrade 2201i
Catalogue $450
Realized $260

This stamp, which is part of the Canadian series honoring the Chinese New Year, is making a small comeback price wise. It’s the stamp with the missing gold variety. Copies have been plentiful since it appeared at auction just over a year ago. In fact, we have recently seen full sheets offered on two occasions. The price for it had been steadily declining from a high of $675 in early 2007, to last October when a copy sold for only $130. More recently, the price moved up to $230, and now in this sale, it has risen to $260. Mr. Pig is feeling better!

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