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30 January, 2008 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

We must admit having a sense of excitement as we began this our third review of 2008. In the sales to date, we have found nine new record prices and this was only for the month of January. This Eastern sale was especially memorable for us because of the beautiful early Pence issues, the large jumbos and two imperforate pairs from the Numeral set that attracted strong prices.

Pence Issue

If there is one thing that characterizes the Pence Issue of 1859 it is that almost all copies are off center. But have a look at these:

Lot 385
Scott 14b deep rose
Catalogue $110
Realized $140

Lot 386
Unitrade 14viii 12x 11¾
Catalogue $125
Realized $180



Lot 389
Scott 17 red lilac
Catalogue $130
Realized $165

Lot 390
Scott 17a violet
Catalogue $135
Realized $325


Lot 394
Unitrade 18i olive green
Catalogue $175
Realized $230


Small Queens

Lot 410
Scott 35
Catalogue $1
Realized $46

Lot 411
Scott 35d
Catalogue $210
Realized $425


Lot 413
Scott 36
Catalogue $2
Realized $50

Lot 417
Scott 39b
Catalogue $50
Realized $95


Lot 421
Scott 42
Catalogue $4
Realized $60


Shown above is a mix of Small Queens that are mostly used. It includes jumbos, scarce perforations and nicely dated copies. These are the type of treasures one can occasionally find in a regular collection. It takes an experienced eye to spot them, but how exciting when this happens. It is equally exciting to see the prices the bidders are willing to pay for the stamps like these.



Lot 478
Scott 77
Catalogue $0.25
Realized $32

Lot 488
Scott 88
Catalogue $60
Realized $60

All collectors like jumbos. When the image is attractive, the wide borders serve to catch the eye. Bidders usually find these stamps irresistible. So do we!



Lot 480
Scott 77d
Catalogue $850
Realized $1,225

This imperforate pair has been a sleeper over the years, but in 2006 it reached a new plateau with a record price of $800. In 2007, the top price rose to $1,025 and then to $1,100. Now, in 2008, it has risen to $1,225. There is clearly a strong demand for this pair today.

Lot 484
Unitrade 83ii NG
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $900

This is the more common 10¢ Numeral imperforate pair with no gum. It is a lovely pair with a right hand sheet margin. It attracted the second best price in the past ten years.

This was the most enjoyable sale for us to review. For further details, please click on the highlights button.

This sale had two new record prices:


Scott No.
Previous NRP
2¢ Numeral imperforate pair
3¢ Admiral coil

Eastern will have a public auction on February 29, 2008 and a mail auction on March 12, 2008.


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