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23 June, 2007 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

We couldn’t wait to see the results of this sale and we weren’t disappointed. It offered so much, including early imperforates, beautifully cancelled Large Queens, a number of seldom seen Small Queen varieties, the largest selection of Admiral experimental coils we have seen and countless modern varieties. The sale produced nine new record prices.

First time in ten years

Among the biggest surprises were the three special stamps that follow. We have not reported a sale of any of these stamps in the past ten years, and each one was a superb example.

"Claret Rose"

Lot 268
Unitrade 20i
Catalogue $975
Realized $1,150

"Imperforate between"
"Yellow Green"

Lot 589
Scott 1259b
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $1,300

Lot 640
Unitrade E1b
Catalogue $450
Realized $900


3¢ Small Queen – Superb

Lot 332
Scott 41
Catalogue $50
Realized $800


We all dream of owning a Small Queen of this quality. Described by Eastern as XF NH GEM, it just stood out in the auction, compelling us to admire it with its large and perfectly balanced borders. The previous owner will probably always regret selling it and the new owner will quietly treasure it.


3¢ Small Queen – Oops!

Lot 333
Scott 41
Estimate $500
Realized $4,000


This stamp was special for very different reasons. Off-center, double printed, badly cancelled, a few small tears, it’s seemingly had nothing going for it. But to a Small Queen specialist, it was unique. Not only was it a rare double impression or “kiss print”, but one of the impressions included the plate imprint. This is something we have not previously seen. There was little for the auctioneer to go on in making his estimate. The competition to successfully bid on the stamp ignored the estimate and drove the price into the stratosphere. This is the type of event auctioneers and collectors remember for a long time.

Superb Admirals – All at record prices

"Golden Yellow"

Lot 434
Scott 110c
Catalogue $450
Realized $525

Lot 450
Unitrade 113b
Catalogue $750
Realized $850


"Deep Orange "

Lot 467
Scott 122b
Catalogue $825
Realized $850

These three come from the ever popular Admiral set. The set was in use from 1912 to 1925. Some of the stamps in the set were issued in the billions. Each of the above copies is special because its colour differs from the regular colour of issue. For Admiral enthusiasts, this is like honey to the bee. They just can’t get enough. Happily, this creates great excitement at any auction and puts smiles on the faces of the sellers.

Christmas Angel – Rare perforations

Lot 616
Scott 1764b
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $1,500

Canada has a long tradition of issuing Christmas stamps, going back to 1898. Few of them have taken off in value like this one. The regular perforation is perf. 13. This one is perf 13 x 13.5. The Scott value for the regular stamp is 80¢. The value for this rare perforation is $325.

From 1987 to 1998, Canada’s printers would, from time to time, change the perforation on the stamps over their period of use. This happened mostly with the definitive stamps and probably occurred when the contract to print a stamp was changed from one printing firm to another.

2¢ Registered stamp

Lot 644
Unitrade F1i
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,800

This beautiful block was a standout at the auction. The bold colours and printer’s imprint draw the eye. The “orange red” is a colour variety as thenormal colour is “orange”. The block is never hinged and rare.

What a great sale! We expect to return to the auction catalogue regularly. For more details on the sale, please click on the highlights button.


This sale had 11 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
10¢ Edw. VII imperforate
4¢ Admiral - golden yellow
7¢ Admiral - straw
10¢ Admiral reddish purple
$1 Admiral deep orange
13¢ "shilling mark"
50¢ Street - double print
45¢ Christmas inscript. block
2¢ War Tax rose carmine
Officially sealed
2¢ War Tax paste-up pair

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