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4 April, 2007 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

For the past 2 years, we have been carefully watching the prices paid for stamps issued between 1927 and 1935. This is the immediate post-Admiral period when the Scroll (Scott 149-159) and the Arch sets (Scott 162-177) were in use. Their prices have been gradually strengthening. This sale contained examples from this period. A VF NH copy of the 50¢ Bluenose with a catalogue value of $350, sold for $525. A VF LH copy of the 50¢ Grand Pré with a catalogue value of $180, sold for $155. These are both strong prices in the circumstances.

But what of the immediate post-1935 period? Here are a few realizations in the sale:

Price Realized
243 NH
20¢ Fort Garry
245 LH
$1 Chateau de Ramsay
245 NH
$1 Chateau de Ramsay
261 NH
50¢ War
261 LH
50¢ War
010 NH
$1 Ferry OHMS Overprint

None of these prices exceeded their catalogue value, but we were impressed by how well they seemed to support those values.

Modern Imperforates

Lot 936
Scott 1396a
Catalogue $125
Realized $95

Lot 947
Scott 1705b
Catalogue $260
Realized $100

Once again, Canada’s modern imperforates struggled to meet their catalogue values. This is probably a reflection of plentiful supply and soft demand. Sooner or later, this will balance and prices will rise, but it may take some time. Collectors with an eye to the future may be wise to acquire these modern varieties now while prices are relatively cheap. As with so many areas of collecting, it takes patience, a lot of patience when collecting modern varieties.

Year of the Ram

Lot 956
Unitrade 1969i
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $775

There have been a number of sales of these imprint blocks with the missing gold inscriptions. We have recorded the sale of 11 in the past four years at prices ranging from $600 to $1,150.

It didn’t take long for this variety to appear. The stamp was issued January 3, 2003 to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Ram and on May 17, 2003 the first copy with a missing gold appeared at auction. In October, 2004, the first inscription block with missing gold appeared and this was followed in June, 2005 by the first sheet of 25 with missing gold.


Lot 3096
Scott 93
Catalogue $1,750
Realized: $1,350

This beautiful stamp from Gibraltar was featured on the front cover of the auction catalogue and undoubtedly caught everyone’s eye with its striking engraved head and shoulders of King George V. It was issued in 1925 and is well centered and very lightly hinged. The stamp was described by Eastern as the key stamp for this colony.

Gibraltar is a British self-governing colony on a peninsula extending from the southern coast of Spain to the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain ceded Gibraltar to the British in 1713 and has asked on numerous occasions for its return. The name is derived from the original Arabic name for the territory. Anyone who has viewed Gibraltar from the sea will never forget the beautiful sight.


The next the Eastern sale will be held on May 16, 2007.


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