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4 November, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

This auction showed Eastern at its best. It was a sale with strength throughout, strength from the classics to the modern varieties, strength in the back of the book and the provinces. There were 13 new record prices. This was a sale to remember and this is saying something! 2006 was a year to remember. We have had the most outstanding stamps offered at auction this year than any year we can remember. This was the first year we have recorded not only more than 100 new record prices, but more than 200.

Scott 5i - 6d with stitch watermark

Lot 357
Unitrade 5i
Catalogue $5,000
Realized $4,000

This is the third copy of Scott 5 we have recorded with the rare stitch watermark. The first copy appeared in 1999 and sold for $2070, the second in 2005 which sold for $1600 and now this third copy which sold for the new record price of $4000. It came with a Greene Certificate of authenticity.

5¢ Beaver

Lot 377
Scott 15
Catalogue $1,400
Realized $2,400

This block is rarely encountered in this superior quality according to Eastern. It is well centered for this issue and came with full original gum. Its provenance is ex. Dale-Lichtenstein.

During the past 10 years, we have recorded the sale of 17 copies of Scott 15 at prices ranging from $220 to $609. It is interesting to note that in 1999, a single copy sold for $2,300.

1¢ Large Queen - "for the Meticulous Collector"

Lot 398
Scott 23a
Catalogue $1,400
Realized $4,250


It makes us sit back in awe when we see a Large Queen of this quality. Eastern had it right when they described it as "a superb stamp for the meticulous collector", difficult to find in such superior quality.

It also came with a Greene Certificate. This is a good idea for stamps of this quality. It probably assures the buyer that the gum is genuine, the stamp hasn't been cleaned or altered in any way, no one has messed with the perfs and the paper has no hidden defects. This sounds like buying a car or a house!!

The price of $4250 is the best price in the past 10 years. But, we found to our surprise, that 20 years ago, in 1986, another copy sold for the same price. This shows us that even then, collectors were willing to pay a high price for a stamp of outstanding quality. While the Scott catalogue price is $1400 today, it was only $625 in 1986.

10¢ Small Queen

Lot 435
Scott 45b
Estimate $475
Realized $1,350

The 10¢ Small Queens have been doing very well in recent years. Here is a list of the best prices. The $7425 paid for the 40¢ is quite extraordinary.

Scott 40
Scott 40b
Scott 40c
Scott 40e
Scott 45
Scott 45a
Scott 45b

5¢ Edward VII

Lot 485
Scott 91
Catalogue $1,850
Realized $2,200

This was one of the many large blocks in the sale. This showed the plate number in the upper selvage. As often happens, only two of the top stamps are hinged, the rest are NH.


50¢ Admiral

Lot 529
Scott 120a
Catalogue $415
Realized $1,900

There doesn't seem to be any limit on what collectors are willing to bid for outstanding copies of the Admiral set. The previous best price for this stamp was $450. This new record represents quite a leap. The regular colour for this stamp is black brown. This above stamp is the "black" colour variety from the first printing.


Modern Variety

Lot 614
Unitrade 1376b
Estimate $32,000
Realized $19,000


What an extraordinary variety this is with its inverted inscriptions. It's actually a strip of 3, comprising Unitrade 1376b, 1376vi and 1376ii. A most dramatic and major error, one of 2 known positional strips - extremely rare, from the Moncton find, VF NH.

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This sale had 13 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
Scott 5i
6d - stitch watermark
Scott 23a
1¢ Large Q - deep orange
Scott 24ii
2¢ Large Q - blue green
Scott 35d
1¢ Small Q - orange
Scott 45b
10¢ Small Q - pink
Scott 71a
6¢ brown - imperf. pair
Scott 72a
8¢ orange - imperf. pair
Scott 120a
50¢ Admiral - black
Scott 120ii
50¢ Admiral - brown black
Scott 177a
$1 Cavell - imperf. pair
Scott 981a
32¢ Games - printed on gum
Scott F2i
5¢ Registered - green
Scott MR2B
5¢ War Tax overprint

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