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11 October, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

Up until 1859, Canada's stamps were denominated in the sterling currency. But there was an attraction to the dollars and cents used south of the border in the U.S. In 1855 and 1859, two stamps were issued which showed both sterling and cents. It must have been quite confusing. But maybe not, in those days, a number of currencies circulated in North America and people were quite used to it. Most people today in Canada know, on a daily basis, the value of the Canadian dollar vs. the U.S. dollar, the price of gold and whether the price of gas is up or down.

All that changed when Canada issued its first "cents" stamp in 1859 and it has never looked back. Here are a couple of stamps from this Eastern sale which show one of the last "pence" stamps and the first "cents" stamps:

"Pence" vs. "Cents" stamps

Lot 781
Scott 8
Catalogue $650
Realized $850

Lot 788
Scott 14b
Catalogue $75
Realized $115

Both stamps sold at a premium and little wonder because these are very nice looking copies. The pence issue of 1857 was the last set issued without perforations. The cents issue of 1859 was the first with perforations. The above copy (lot 788) was unusually well centered for this issue and has a most attractive "Toronto" cancellation.

Large margined Admiral

Lot 1000
Unitrade 109d
Catalogue $120
Realized $110

We looked this stamp over a number of times, wondering what was wrong with it, because the price was so low. The answer is that we can't see anything wrong with it. Neither could Eastern who described it as VFNH. We can only conclude that, once again, a lucky bidder picked up an exceptionally fine stamp at a most reasonable price.

How reasonable? Have a look at our 2006 New Record Price list. You will see 33 new record prices for the Admiral set, more than any other Canadian set. This collector did well!

Board Walk Borders

Lot 1165
Scott 191
Catalogue $1.25
Realized $41


If ever a stamp had boardwalk borders, this is it! The amazing thing is it went for a song. It was VF NH. The price was low enough to be in everybody's price range and yet it only sold for $41. What were the smart bidders doing when this stamp came up? We realize that the price is equal to 32 times catalogue, but still the stamp is so unusual, so desirable, so collectible. OK, OK, we'll settle down! It's just a pretty little piece of paper. But still!!!!

It's interesting to think about this premium. If, say the $5 Jubilee in VF NH condition sold for 32 times catalogue, what would the price be?

$5 Jubilee - Catalogue price $3,400 x 32 = $108,800

Interesting, no?!

Newfoundland Beauty


Lot 2030
Scott 27
Catalogue $200
Realized $935


This stamp was VF + NH and fetched a very strong price.

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