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19 July, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

There is a certain fascination with early Canadian stamps that have clear dates postmarked on them. On Canada’s earliest stamps, it is most unusual to see a date cancellation, but as one gets into the first “Cents Issues”, one begins to see dates now and then.

Here are a couple of early stamps which are dated, one from 1865 and the other from 1869:

Lot 686
Scott 14
Catalogue $67
Realized $90

Lot 717
Unitrade 24iv Bothwell paper
Catalogue $175
Realized $120

The $5.00 Missing Moose

It’s a shame that we cannot show you a copy of this stamp (Scott 1699a) but for some reason Eastern did not include an image of it in its auction catalogue. You should note however that the copy that was offered in this sale sold for $6250 which is equal to the highest price any copy of the stamp has sold for since it first appeared a year ago. Its catalogue value is $7,500, but no copy has sold for this price to our knowledge.

46¢ Year of the Rabbit

Lot 1180
Scott 1767var
Estimate $1500
Realized $900

There have been a fair number of modern issues with missing colors. This seems to be almost the norm these days. We first came across this variety, which is completely missing the red colour and tagging, last December in a private sale of Saskatoon Stamp. This spring, Saskatoon offered not only a single copy of this variety but also the souvenir sheet. Since then, further copies have been offered at auction including this one.

This stamp was issued in 1999. It is always interesting to speculate on how these varieties enter the market. Between 1999 and 2005 not one copy was offered, at least through the auction houses that we follow. Then in the last six months, a plate block, three singles and a souvenir sheet, all with the missing colour and tagging, hit the market. We will let you draw your own conclusions as to how these things happen. We find it too much of a coincidence that three different types of this stamp (a single, a plate block and a souvenir sheet) all appeared within a relatively short period of time.

In the latest issue of the Canadian Stamp News, there is an interesting article on page 4 by Hans Niedermair on these modern varieties of Canada’s stamps and their origins. It is entitled “Pay What You Want”. (CSN August 22, 2006)

Scott MR2a

Lot 1208
Unitrade MR2a (rose carmine)
Catalogue $100
Realized $210

Here is a lovely copy of one of Canada’s War Tax stamps. Much to our surprise, we do not seem to have a record of another copy of this particular stamp being sold in the past 10 years. The normal colour for the stamp is “carmine”, but this variety is the “rose carmine” shade. The shade is not listed in Scotts but it is recognized in the Unitrade specialized catalogue. The price realized of $210 is the second best price ever for a Scott MR2. A year ago, both the regular stamp and the rose carmine variety were shown at the same price in Unitrade. In this year’s edition, the regular MR2 increased by 50%, while the MR2a increased by 100%. This may be a good indication of the scarcity of this colour variation.


We spotted a number of beautiful stamps from Newfoundland which we would like to show you:

Lot 1754
Scott 30
Estimate $200
Realized $133

Lot 1760
Scott 32
Estimate $250
Realized $160


Lot 1795
Scott 43
Estimate $300
Realized $210

Lot 1800
Scott 48
Catalogue $100
Realized $100


Great Britain

We also noted this beauty from the UK which has been so nicely cancelled:

Lot 3799
Scott 108
Catalogue $210
Realized $155

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The next Eastern Mail sale will be held on August 30, 2006.

This sale had two new record prices:
  Scott 109
  3¢ Camine die I
  Scott 1356d
  42¢ strip of 4, part imperforate

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