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24 June, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

This was one of the most successful auctions we have seen from Eastern Auctions in some time. All areas of Canada’s stamps were well covered and the results were outstanding with 11 new record prices. There were some very beautiful stamps included in the sale as will be shown below. The sale clearly demonstrated that the market continues to be strong.

Scott 4 – Two lovely examples of the 3d beaver

Lot 377
Scott 4
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $2,600

Lot 382
Unitrade 4i
Catalogue $350
Realized $1,600

The above Scott 4 was described as XF OG GEM. This was certainly an accurate description. It is been 7 years since a single copy as good as this has appeared at auction. The others that have been sold in this period either had creases in them or had no gum.

The Scott 4i is not the regular “red” shade, but rather the “deep red” shade on white wove paper. Two of its borders are unusually large. The $1,600 price is the best we have recorded for either a mint or a used copy.

Scott 8 – A rare NH mint copy

Lot 395
Scott 8
Catalogue $650
Realized $2,900

In the past ten years, we have recorded only four copies of Scott 8 being sold in NH condition. This is quite unusual for stamps of the period and must make this one of our early stamps with the most NH copies. From what we could see, this was the best price since 2001. Eastern described it as amongst the nicest in existence. This must sound wonderful to the ears of the new owner.

Scott 13 – a Gem!

Lot 403
Scott 13
Catalogue $4,500
Realized $9,500

This was another gem from the sale and the price certainly reflects this. It was described as a superb example that is amongst the finest in existence. We certainly can’t top that!

1¢ Small Queen

Lot 451
Scott 35d
Catalogue $200
Realized $600

This is one of those Small Queens with the rare 11½ x 12 perforations. These are much more valuable than the regular stamps from the set which have 12 x 12 perforations. This copy did so well at this auction that its price went way past the $375 previous record to establish a new one of almost double. What a beauty with its deep rich color, and to add to all that, it was NH. Is that rare? Yes, there have only been three NH copies sold in the past ten years.

Small Queen Jumbos

Lot 468
Scott 41
Catalogue $50
Realized $150

Lot 471
Scott 42
Catalogue $120
Realized $350

Almost all Small Queens that we see are off-center. Normally these sell for only a fraction of their catalogue price. This must be very disappointing for their owners. But on occasion, a well centered copy appears and it always does well from a price point of view. Equally rare are copies such as the above that are not only well centered but they also have four extra large equal margins. From a philatelic point of view, they are quite special.

Jubilee set – Another new record price

Lot 494
Scott 62
Catalogue $3,250
Realized $5,250

This is the second high value Jubilee that has sold for more than $5,000 in the past month. These now seem to be in the same league as the Admiral imperforates.

5¢ George V- Imperforate pair

Lot 583
Scott 221a
Catalogue $300
Realized $325


This is not a rare stamp. We see examples in many of today’s auctions, but they are almost always centered high or centered low. A year ago, a copy with the same quality as the above sold for $210 at an Eastern Auction. You can imagine our surprise when we saw the above copy selling for $325, i.e. more than catalogue. We probably shouldn’t have been surprised as we know how hard it is to get a well centered copy.

Modern variety – A first in 6 years !

Lot 671
Scott 1522a
Catalogue $1,300
Realized $700


As usual with an Eastern sale, there were many copies of Canada’s modern varieties offered. We picked this particular one because it has been six years since a similar copy was sold at auction. That copy sold for $1,900. This is one of those modern Canadian stamps with a missing colour. In this case it is missing its gold inscriptions. According to Eastern, only 23 sound examples have been reported.

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The next Eastern Mail sale will be held on July 19, 2006.

This sale had eleven new record prices:
  Scott 4i
  3d Beaver
  Scott 35d
  Small Queen
  Scott 50
  1/2¢ Jubilee
  Scott 54
  5¢ Jubilee
  Scott 62
  $2 Jubilee
  Scott 77d
  2¢ Numeral - imperforate pair, die II
  Scott 91
  5¢ Edward VII
  Scott 221a
  George V - imperforate pair
  Scott 118iii
  $1 Runnymede missing inscriptions
  Scott 1278a
  39¢ Flag - missing inscriptions
  Scott C7a
  6¢ Airmail - imperforate pair

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