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7 June, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

According to John Hillson in his very helpful explanation of the Small Queen set, found on the web site of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, the colour of the original 3¢ Small Queen issued in 1870 was copper or Indian red. Unitrade put a price of $2 on the more common 3¢ orange red which is found in most collections as compared to a value of $75 for the 3¢ copper red. This gives us some idea of the rarity of the stamp. We could also mention that if the 3¢ copper red had the rare perforation of 12½, the Unitrade price would then jump from $75 to $1,750.

This Eastern sale featured a copy of the 1870 3¢ small Queen described as “pale copper red, used, with jumbo margins and dated cancel.


Lot 655
Scott 37b
Catalogue $50
Realized $62

This is an interesting example of the stamp both from the point of view of the “paleness” of the colour which is a bit unusual and the date which places it in the proper time for this stamp. Whoever bought the stamp did well because the price is quite reasonable for a stamp of this rarity, particularly when it has such a date stamp on it.

½ cent Maple Leaf

Lot 743
Scott 66
Catalogue $20
Realized $70

We were quite surprised on checking our 10 year pricing records to find that we have not recorded a sale of Scott 66 since 1999. Without doubt, many copies of this stamp have sold at auction since 1999, but none of these have been of the investment type quality that we keep records of.

The price realized of $70 is the second best price in the past ten years. We note that in the latest Scott catalogue, the price for a never hinged copy increased from $16 to $20.

2¢ Numeral imperforate - The rarer copy (die ll)

Lot 767
Scott 77d
Catalogue $850
Realized $650

There are two types of imperforates of the above 2¢ Numeral. The first, Scott 77c, die l with gum, is the more common and has a listed price of $650 for a very fine pair. The second, Scott 77d, die ll without gum, is rarer and has a listed price of $850 per pair (up from $500 in the previous catalogue).

The above example of Scott 77d is as fine a copy as they come. The price of $650 is the best price since 1996. It surprises us that the catalogue value is higher than the actual price being realized at auction. It is so often the other way round

Port Hood Forgeries

Lot 794
Scott 88 B&C
Estimate $75
Realized $260

The above Port Hood surcharge stamps have an interesting history. We described this in our Commentary No. 53. Each of the above stamps, if genuine, would have a Scott catalogue value of $6,250; however these ones are forgeries. Last September, a different set of forgeries sold at an Eastern sale for $300. In this sale, the price dropped to $260.

1¢ Edward VII


Lot 796
Scott 89
Catalogue $50
Realized $210

Here’s a stamp that is a real beauty from the ever popular Edward Vll set. The price far exceeded the catalogue value but it is not the best price. This is $280, established at auction 4 months ago in February. This is the 3rd occasion that this stamp has sold for more than $200 in the past 10 years. Its value jumped from $37 to $50 in the latest Scott catalogue.

2¢ Postage Due

Lot 1282
Scott J2a
Catalogue $57
Realized $130

From what we have seen, the Postage Dues have done consistently well in price over the years. The price for the above copy surprised us nonetheless, because the stamp is a bit off center to the left. However, as we have noted in recent commentaries, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for bidders these days.

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The next Eastern Mail sale will be held on July 19, 2006.

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