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26 April, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

The strength in this auction was clearly in the modern stamps. But before turning to these, we would like to show our viewers two early beauties:

Lot 797
Unitrade 35iv
Catalogue $300
Realized $210

Lot 824
Scott 61
Catalogue $475
Realized $425

We find these early Small Queens so appealing, especially this 1¢ stamp from 1870 with its red orange colour. While this copy was described as very fine, it had no gum. Despite this it received a very respectable price. As well, we’re sure you will appreciate the $1.00 Jubilee as much as we do. As Eastern helpfully pointed out, it has a light CDS postmark that very nicely frames both portraits of the Queen.

1970 25¢ EXPO

Lot 1113
Scott 511a
Estimate $250
Realized $165

Lot 1114
Scott 511b
Estimate $300
Realized $165

We’ve never seen such beautiful blocks of these stamps which are amongst our favorites in design. We appreciate how carefully they have been cancelled.

Double print errors

Lot 1169
Scott 1165d
Catalogue $190
Realized $170

Lot 1171
Scott 1165iv
Catalogue $190
Realized $155

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; these are a couple of double print errors. Although it isn’t obvious, they are different and have different catalogue numbers. The first is printed on “Slater” paper, the second on “Peterborough” paper. There’s no way we can guess on this and appreciate the fact that Eastern noted it.

$5.00 Missing Moose - Ties record price

Lot 1206
Unitrade 1699a
Catalogue $7500
Realized $6250

There have only been a few of these sold since they first appeared about a year ago. But, from the start, the price has remained between $4,000 and $6,250. This is the second time this $6,250 price has been realized at auction.

Year of the Ram – New record price

Lot 1215
Unitrade 1969i
Catalogue $2500
Realized $1150

This is the variety with the missing gold colour on the stamps. The variety is found on the stamps in the left two columns. It seems strange that the price realized above is less than 50% of catalogue, while at the same time it represents a new record price. Since the variety first appeared in 2003, we have recorded the sale of four inscription blocks at auction. The previous best price was $700.

Canada – Thailand Joint Issue

Lot 1218
Unitrade 2001c
Catalogue $2500
Realized $1085

It’s going to take awhile for the price of the above imperforate variety to settle down. In early 2005, an imperforate pair sold at auction for $1,100. A month later, an inscription block like the above sold for $950. Later that year, two inscripton blocks appeared at private treaty sales. One was offered for $2,495 and the other for $4,950.

In this sale, the price has returned to a more modest level with the above inscription block selling for $1,080.

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This sale had one new record price:
  Unitrade 1969i
  48¢ Year of the Ram - inscription block

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