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15 March, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

Many recent auctions have featured the Large Queen set. Not just the regular stamps of the set, but also the many varieties that exist. On the front page of the auction catalogue only one Canadian stamp was shown and it was this beautiful looking unused 5¢ Large Queen.


Lot 482
Scott 26
Catalogue $1000
Realized $1350


The above stamp looked very attractive, but it did have a few drawbacks. First, it had no gum and second, it had a tiny light corner crease that showed up only in liquid. Despite these drawbacks, it did very well at this auction, selling for a price well in excess of catalogue. The above price has only been exceeded 3 times in the past sixteen years. If you set out to get a well centered mint copy of this stamp, it would take many years of bidding at auction to succeed.

1¢ Maple Leaf

Lot 562
Scott 67
Catalogue $37
Realized $120

This stamp on the other hand is far more common but, as we have seen in recent years, there is a tremendous competition to get well centered NH copies of these early sets. There were 34 million copies of the stamp issued so one cannot say that they are rare. What is rare is finding ones that are both centered and unhinged.

Strong Admiral Prices

The prices realized in the sale for a group of VF NH Admirals were strong. The
$210 paid for the 1¢ dark green copy shown below was especially outstanding, surpassing the previous $90 by a huge margin. The prices for the other Admirals shown below, while not records, were well in excess of catalogue.

Lot 616
Scott 104
Catalogue $22
Realized $210


Lot 622
Scott 106c
Catalogue $21
Realized $46

Lot 625
Scott 108
Catalogue $27
Realized $65

Lot 627
Scott 109
Catalogue $17
Realized $70

Lot 634
Scott 112a
Catalogue $32
Realized $100


38¢ Definitive - the “double printed” error


Lot 907
Unitrade 1165d
Catalogue $1750
Realized $750

This is the double printed variety in an upper left corner block of four. According to Eastern, blocks such as these are especially rare. There are no plate blocks. We find the Unitrade catalogue price to be on the high side in view of the fact that the best price for a block in the past 10 years was $800. The above $750 is the second best price.

According to Unitrade, this double printed variety of the 38¢ definitive comes in two types of paper, the Slater paper which comes with a cream coloured gum, and the Peterborough paper, which comes with a bluish gum. The catalogue did not identify which gum existed on the above block. This isn’t significant as the catalogue values are the same for both.

Officially Sealed

Lot 1105
Unitrade OX4
Catalogue $200
Realized $160

The above price ties the highest price that has been paid for one of these 1913 officially sealed stamps. This was a lovely example, well centered, from the upper right hand sheet corner. It had full original gum and was unhinged.

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This sale had two new record prices:
  Scott 87
  2¢ Maple Leaf overprint
  Scott 104

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