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4 March, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

Before we get to our comments on the Canadian section of this auction, we would like to give credit to Eastern for an amazing offering of provincial stamps. The auction contained much valuable and rare philatelic material from BC, NB, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. Here is just one little gem:


Lot 224
Scott 51a
Catalogue $150
Realized $325


It was described as “a stunning mint single, precisely centered within unusually large margins, rich colour, full pristine original gum, XF NH GEM”. This stamp’s colour is a variety. It is “brown” as compared to the regular stamp which is “umber brown”.

Prince Albert - a rare stamp with large margins

Lot 403
Scott 10
Catalogue $3,500
Realized $5,000

This stamp was issued in 1857, a year before Canada began to add perforations to its stamps. What is special about this copy is its large borders. Borders like this, of course, are made by the person who bought the stamp, cut it off the sheet and placed it on the envelope. The $5,000 is the second best price we have recorded in the past ten years for a used copy of the stamp.

Jaques Cartier – With noticeably wide borders

Lot 424
Scott 19
Catalogue $135
Realized $375


What a great copy with its unusually wide margins on either side. This stamp has an excellent pedigree and is ex-Dale Lichtenstein.

6¢ Large Queen - Watermark & re-entry combined


Lot 439
Scott 27biii
Estimate $7,500
Realized $4,000

This 6¢ brown Large Queen is an unused single on watermarked paper. Some of the perforations on the right hand side are a bit short. What makes the stamp so special is that it combines the rarity of being printed on the watermarked paper with a major re-entry (position 93). The price realized is a new record. The previous best price for the Scott 27b was $2650, set in 1995. Like the above, that stamp also had no gum.

12 ½¢ - Large Queen - New record price for colour variety

Lot 444
Unitrade 28i
Catalogue $1500
Realized $1250

The $1250 was a new record price for this “milky blue” colour variety of the 12½¢ Large Queen which surpassed the $1100 former record set in 2004. The stamp was a lovely example of this set and came with large margins, fresh colour and large part original gum.

3¢ “Red” Small Queen – 11½ x 12

Lot 459
Scott 37e
Catalogue $1,350
Realized $2,800

Eastern called this block “remarkable” and it truly is. Stamps from the Small Queen set with these 11½ x 12 perforations are not only rare, but seldom come with all their perforations intact. To be able to bid on a block this large and in such condition is something one seldom sees. In terms of its condition, the block was unhinged and came with a full original pristine gum.

Edward VII – imperforate pair

Lot 509
Scott 89a
Catalogue $450
Realized $600

The imperforate pairs from this set do not seem to have attracted great demand in recent years. The prices realized at auction have consistently lagged the Unitrade catalogue prices. For example, Unitrade has a price of $900 for the above pair in its 2006 catalogue. The price in their 2000 catalogue was $800, so not much change. Despite all this, the above $600 is a new record price, beating the previous record of $565 set a year ago.

$1 Runnymede Library – inverted inscriptions

Lot 644
Scott 1181a
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $12,000

Now we’re into the big league of prices. We have recorded the sale of only four copies of this stamp with its inverted inscriptions in the last ten years. It twice sold for $13,500. As indicated above, Scott puts a value of $10,000 on this variety, while Unitrade has priced it at a much higher value of $16,500. The price realized in the sale sits comfortably in the middle.

All in all, this was an excellent auction, a pleasure to review !

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This sale had six new record prices:
  Scott 27b
  6¢ Large Queen - watermarked, with re-entry
  Scott 28i
  12 ½¢ Large Queen - milky blue colour
  Scott 89a
  1¢ Edward VII - imperforate pair
  Scott 130a
  3¢ Admiral coil block - part imperforate
  Scott 341c
  5¢ Wilding - imperforate vertically
  Scott 1182ii
  $2 McAdam - block of 10, part imperforate

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