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25 January, 2006 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

This was another great mail sale from Eastern. There were strong offerings from the Small Queens through to the War Tax issues. We feature below some of the best, beginning with the Small Queens.

6¢ Small Queen – perf. 11½ x 12


Lot 886
Scott 39b
Catalogue $625
Realized $1850


This stamp was rated F-VF and NH. In the past, some rather amazing prices have been paid for this Scott 39b. In 1999, a copy attracted a price of $3250. In 2001, another went for $2700. So the above price, the best one since 2001, is the third best price we have recorded in the past ten years.

8¢ Small Queen – violet black

Lot 890
Scott 44
Catalogue $95
Realized $770

This was a rather remarkable price for this 8¢ Small Queen but it is nowhere near the record price. This 8¢ stamp comes in four different colours. We had a look at the record prices for the four and show the results below:

Scott $
Record Price $
44 violet black 95 1572
44a blue grey 200 725
44b slate 130 650
44c grey 130 1100


As can be seen, but there is little relationship between the Scott catalogue price and the record prices that have been realized over the past ten years. It is interesting that the stamp with the lowest catalogue value (Scott 44) is the one that has achieved the highest record price.

Jubilees – always in demand


Lot 898
Scott 51
Catalogue $44
Realized $155

Lot 901
Scott 53
Catalogue $31
Realized $180

These two jubilees were described in this auction as XF NH GEMS. One doesn’t always have to accept the auctioneer’s description for the stamps that are being offered. But we must admit we find these two copies to be especially nice.

3¢ Numeral – almost perfect

Lot 939
Scott 78
Catalogue $82
Realized $270

It’s seldom we see anything that is absolutely perfect, but we think this one comes close to being “almost perfect” with its large borders and fairly good centering. This is one of the more difficult Numerals to obtain well centered and we always notice it when an outstanding copy like this comes up for sale.

Admiral Jumbo

Lot 985
Scott 108
Catalogue $27
Realized $125

Whoever worked on this description at Eastern was certainly in an upbeat mood. It was described as “a huge centered jumbo, fantastic margins”. But much as we admire this 3¢ brown Admiral which is so difficult to obtain in this condition, we always caution our viewers that to know how good the centering really is, they should turn the stamp upside down. Doing this in this case shows that the stamp is ever so slightly off center. This means that bidders have to take into account both the unusually large borders and the fact that the stamp is slightly off center. In this case, the sucessful bidder clearly placed greater value on the borders and less on the centering. We have been noticing this more and more in recent auctions and have mentioned it previously. The significance is that if it keeps happening, it could become a trend and if it does, it is important for bidders to be aware of this ie., that stamps that are not quite perfectly centered are commanding premium prices if all their other attributes are of a top quality.

Admiral Coil prices keep rising

Lot 1027
Scott 133
Catalogue $260
Realized $425

This is a beautiful example of Scott 133, the 2¢ yellow green coil. We were not surprised at the strong price that was realized as there seems to be great demand for these coils. We were surprised last October when a pair of the Scott 123 coil sold for $800. Taking into account recent trends, we would expect to see continued high prices for these stamps.

Year of the Horse - New variety

Lot 1208
Scott 1934var
Estimate $1750
Realized $850

We have admired these stamps that celebrate the Chinese New Year ever since Canada first issued them in 1997. They must mean a lot to people of Chinese origin who live in Canada. This is the first time we have seen this variety which was described by the auctioneer as follows:

“$1.25 Year of the Horse souvenir sheet, the sheet is imperforate and is printed with black lines over the design, it also shows differences of design with the issued sheet including the absence of the animal symbols at the upper left, a rare item. VF NH, an identical sheet recently appeared in a U.S. auction with an estimate of $3500.”

Well it would seem that the above estimate was overly optimistic as the stamp went for only $850. We have had some experience with other collectors who have discovered varieties and put them up for sale at auction. It is a nerve wracking experience as one never knows what sort of price will result, especially the first time the new variety is offered.

US Gems

Lot 244
Scott 223
Catalogue $250
Realized $230

Lot 299
Scott 257
Catalogue $400
Realized $360

Lot 427
Scott 416
Catalogue $100
Realized $125

Lot 431
Scott 420
Catalogue $260
Realized $310

Lot 440
Scott 461
Catalogue $325
Realized $410

It isn’t often that we see US stamps of this quality offered at auction in Canada. They were all VF NH. When we originally received the auction catalogue, we noticed them right away. In fact you couldn’t miss them because of the unusually excellent centering. While the prices realized for the above stamps are more or less around their catalogue values, we were somewhat surprised that the prices weren’t higher. There must be a difference between the U.S. and the Canadian stamp markets. In Canada, stamps of this vintage and of this quality could be expected to sell for prices well above their catalogue value, in some cases for multiples of catalogue value. We have been surprised at the number of outstanding US stamps that have sold in Canadian auctions in the past few years. We know that a fairly large number of U.S. customers participate in Eastern’s auctions. They must have been especially interested in the quality of the above stamps.

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