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29 October, 2005 - Eastern Auctions Ltd.

This sale of Eastern's was the last of three public auctions the firm held in 2005, each one rich in Canadian philately from the classics to a wide range of modern varieties. But something unusual was included in this sale. Jim Hennok's Numeral Cancellations of British North America. Here are a few choice items from that collection.

Choice items from
Jim Hennok's Numeral Cancellations of BNA

Lot 94
Scott 15 block of 4
Estimate $250
Realized $1150

Lot 95
Scott 15 pair
Estimate $100
Realized $675


Lot 104
Scott 8
Estimate $750
Realized $2800

Lot 107
Scott 18
Estimate $200
Realized $1052


Lot 148
Scott 14
Estimate $125
Realized $750

Lot 151
Scott 21c
Estimate $100
Realized $500


Lot 157
Scott 25 cover
Estimate $400
Realized $1900


You will note that the quality of the stamps in Jim's collection matches the rarity of the numeral cancellations. The prices realized far exceed the estimates. Once can only sit back and wonder at his achievements. Well done, Jim, you set the standard very high!

3¢ Large Queen on laid paper

Lot 1423
Scott 33
Catalogue $1050
Realized $2000

In recent auction, a beautiful copy of the 1¢ Large Queen on laid paper was offered and it sold for a record price. Not to be outdone, Eastern has, in this auction, sold the 3¢ Large Queen shown above for a record price. The previous record was $1500, set in 2001. This stamp in used condition is not that rare, we often see copies at auction. But to see one of them centered, that is very rare.

5¢ Large Queen - perfectly dated

Lot 1416
Scott 26
Estimate $350
Realized $260

It is not often we get a chance to see the 5¢ Large Queen so beautifully displayed, complete with a clear easy to read postmark. Was it unusual for a Large Queen to be used as late as 1875? Wasn't this set replaced by the Small Queens in the 1870. The answer is yes, the 5¢ Large Queen was only issued on October 1, 1875, using an old die. It was then replaced in February, 1876 by the Small Queen. Thus the 5¢ Large Queen was officially in use for only a few months, although doubtless remainders were used subsequently.

6¢ Numeral

Lot 1497
Scott 80
Catalogue $275
Realized $1050

In a recent auction, a copy of the above stamp, of equal quality, sold for $325. Now in this auction, a copy sold for 3 times that amount. How can one explain this? Is the above $1050 price the limit? Hardly! In 1999 a copy sold for $2300 in another Eastern sale. It seems that only the sky's the limit.

1¢ Admiral - major re-entry


Lot 1519
Unitrade 104vii
Catalogue $1500
Realized $1600

There is no question that re-entries are enjoying greater popularity these days. One clear indication is the fact that more and more of these re-entry varieties are being added to the catalogues each year.

During the past ten years, 4 copies of this 1¢ have been sold, all used. The prices have ranged from $600 to $1900. This particular variety is usually easy to spot in the auctioneer's catalogue. No auctioneer would normally show a stamp so off-center and so heavily cancelled unless it had something special about it. This one did and it fetched a very strong price.

Stamps printed on gum


Lot 1633
Scott 707a
Catalogue $1600
Realized $2900

Earlier this year, we recorded the sale of our first copy of this variety printed on gum. It was a "fine" copy with slightly disturbed gum and sold for $975. This is an amazing price for a less than perfect modern Canadian stamp with a $400 catalogue value. Eastern put a $6000 estimate on the above block and in the end, it went for $2900, which is one-half the estimate, but well above the catalogue value. We wouldn't be surprised to see it sell for a much higher price in future. The buyer in this sale did very well and will probably see good appreciation in the value of this block in future.

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This sale had six new record prices:

Scott 33
3¢ Large Queen on laid paper
Scott 70
5¢ Maple Leaf
Scott 79b
5¢ Numeral on whiter paper
Scott 1232i
38¢ Native boats part imperforate block
Scott E1ii
10¢ Special delivery - no shading in value tablet
Scott J11a
1¢ Postage due imperforate


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