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Commentary No. 92 - 17 February, 2007

Outstanding Examples from the First Auctions of 2007

It is always interesting to start off the New Year and speculate how it’s going to turn out. As we look around us, we see that the stock markets around the world are doing well. The prices for many commodities and collectibles are strong. One thing we have noted about the stamp market is that once the trend is established, either up or down, it carries on for a considerable period of time. Furthermore, it is an international trend so that if the prices of stamps go up in Canada for a period of time, they also go up in the U.S., Europe and the Far East. The present trend began in Canada around 1999 and has been moving steadily upwards since then. We suspect that, unless something seriously happens to the economy which forces the governments to strongly increase interest rates, 2007 will be a good year for collectors.

In this, our second commentary of the New Year, we thought you might like to see a sampling of some of the outstanding stamps that are currently being offered at auction. We have reviewed the auction catalogues we have received in the past month and have picked out some of the finer stamps for your viewing pleasure. The prices realized will be filled in as we receive them. We hope you’ll enjoy this selection from these well-known action houses that feature Canadian stamps:

Eastern Auctions Ltd, – January 10, 2007

Scott 112a

Lot 862
Scott 112a NH
Catalogue $52
Realized $180

Vance Auctions Ltd. – January 24 , 2007

Scott 22a

Lot 5244
Scott 22a Watermarked
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $2,575

Brigham Auctions Ltd. – January 31, 2007

Scott 19ii

Lot 679
Unitrade19ii Major Re-entry
Catalogue $1500
Realized $3,750

Northwestern Philatelic Auctions – February 8, 2007

Scott 44

Lot 666
Scott 44 NH
Catalogue $140
Realized $ (to come)

John H. Talman – February 8, 2007

Scott 102

Lot 284
Scott 102 VF H
Catalogue $150
Realized $ (to come)

Eastern Auctions Ltd. – February 21, 2007

Lot 473
Scott 42 NH
Catalogue $120
Realized $665

Matthew Bennett – February 21, 2007

Scott 1

Lot 1577
Scott 1
Estimate $20-30,000 US
Realized $20,000 US

R. Maresch & Son - March 1, 2007

Scott 83

Lot 747
Scott 83 NH
Estimate $7,200
Realized $3,750

Charles G. Firby - March 9, 2007
King Edward VII – ASTOC Collection

Unitrade 90c

Lot 592
Unitrade 90c
Catalogue $25,000
Realized $18,000 US

Charles G. Firby - March 9, 2007
Regular Auction of Canadian and other Collections

Scott 47

Lot 1357
Scott 243a Plate Block
Estimate $1,000
Realized $1,800 US

Ron Leith Philatelic Auctions - March 17, 2007

Lot 1392
Scott 135 Plate block NH
Estimate $500
Realized $320

Vance Auctions Ltd. - March 21, 2007

Unitrade 60i

Lot 4995
Unitrade 60i Deep ultramarine NH
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $ (to come)

In his latest newsletter, Vance Carmichael had some interesting comments to say about the current state of the stamp market:

“As we move into 2007, the momentum of the stamp market continues to build with all kinds of stamps and postal history in hot demand. One long time dealer remarked to me the other day that he has not seen the stamp market this strong since the heyday of the early 1980’s.”

It will definitely be an interesting year…..we can see that many quality stamps are being offered as the market warms up and the prices encourage collectors to sell.

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