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Report No. 9 - 7 June, 2000
The New Scott Catalogue
At the end of May, the 2001 Scott catalogue became available in Canada. Since this only happens once a year, it is a significant event for many collectors. Our American friends will be interested to know that this year a Scott catalogue costs close to $60 Canadian including taxes, or approximately $40 US.

A detailed review of the more significant price changes in the catalogue is provided in another section of our Web site [Price Trends]. Also provided in a separate section is a list of the new varieties that have entered the Scott catalogue for the first time [New Listings] this year.

There have been more price increases in this year's catalogue than in  other recent years. They are mainly concentrated in the 1868 to 1930 period. The increases in this particular period are not only widespread, but in some cases, they are significant. The trend continues that only the premium material receives special recognition . As a result, most of the important increases are limited to never hinged (NH) stamps.  We expect that this trend will eventually extend to the other classifications of stamps, but only the market will determine when this will happen.

Early Canada
There are only a few noticeable price changes between 1851 and 1868. They are limited to Scott Nos. 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Large Queens
There are no changes in the Large Queens. However, for the first time, a price is given for the five cent Large Queen imperforate pair, being $11,000 [Scott 26b].

Small Queens
There are significant increases for the six, seven, eight and ten cent Small Queens [Scott 40, 43, 44 and 45].

There are increases throughout the Jubilee issue.  However, apart from one notable exception, the increases are not significant. The exception is the 50¢ Jubilee NH, which jumped $100.

Maple Leafs
There are a number of good increases in the Maple Leaf issue. The 8 cent Maple Leaf NH increased 29% to $450.  The 3 and 10 cent imperforates NH increased 26% and 23% respectively. This is where the prices begin to pick-up.

The price increases in the Numeral issue were fairly broad, but only some were significant.  The 1 and 2 cents each advanced from $37 to $45.  The 7 cent jumped from $160 to $190.  Two of the imperforates, the 1/2 cent and 1 cent had nice increases.

Edward VII
All the stamps in this set advanced. The average increase for the NH stamps in this set was 19% over last year's prices. This rate of increase for an entire set has not been seen for some time. The 5 cent stamp in NH condition jumped from $180 to $250.  The 20 cent stamp in NH condition moved up from $850 to $1,000.

Quebec Tercentenary
Big increases in the catalogue were found in the Quebec Tercentenary set. The set's issues in NH condition advanced an impressive 39% over last year.  Even the hinged stamps advanced in price. The increases that have taken place in this year and last have resulted in a major jump for this set overall. We also note that in both years, there were increases in the imperforate varieties for this set.

There are strong increases in the Admiral set.  This is not surprising in view of the results of the Canadian auctions across the country during the last three or four years.  There has been a constant demand for the well centred, no hinged copies.  Last year there were general increases for the Admirals.  Again this year, there are increases across the board. In the no hinged category, the full set increased from $1,396 to $1,988, an increase of 42%.  Even the Admiral imperforate varieties did well, advancing 18% to $14,700 in total.  The 50 cent Admiral NH imperforate pair jumped by $450, from $1,750 to $2,200.

Modern Canada
There are few price changes after the Admiral set.  But, on the other hand, the price decreases, which had been a feature of the catalogue in recent years, appear to have stopped.

Back of the book
There were a few increases in the special delivery stamps but not in much else in the other back of the book sets. The 10 cent Special Delivery in NH condition [ Scott E1] jumped from $150 to $175 and the 20 cent Special Delivery NH [Scott E2 ] from $120 to $140.

Comments on Other Catalogues
We will provide comments on the Unitrade and Darnell specialized Canadian catalogues when they appear later this year . For our comments on these catalogues last year (2000), please see [Catalogue News].

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