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Commentary No. 75 - 17 September, 2005

The Canada-Thailand Joint Issue
of 2003

It's not often that a modern Canadian stamp produces so many varieties in such a short time, but in 2005, a noticeable number of varieties of the Canada-Thailand joint issue made their appearance for the first time, both at auction and in private treaty sales.

The Joint Issue

Scott 2000
Scott 2001

The Canada-Thailand joint issue first appeared on October 4, 2003 as part of an international philatelic exhibition in Bangkok. It featured two 48¢ stamps, one of which displayed Canada's Maple Leaf and the other, Thailand's Cassia Fistula. These are the national plant emblems of the each country. The Canadian issue consisted of a pane of 16 stamps of which 3 million were issued, plus a souvenir sheet of which 300,000 were issued.

Souvenir Sheet
First Day Cover
Souvenir Sheet
Scott 2001b

Raymond Bellmare designed the Canadian stamp and Veena Chantanatat that of Thailand.

Canada has participated in a number of joint issues with other countries such as this, going back to the Canada-U.S. Seaway issue of 1959 (remember the well known "inverted seaway" variety of that stamp).

Varieties of the joint-issue

Imperforate pair

Imperf. Pair
This pair appeared at the beginning of 2005. It was from the edge of the sheet. Eastern noted that only 5 sheets of sixteen have been found imperforate.
Lot 700
Eastern Auctions
Jan. 26, 2005
Realized $1,100

Imperforate plate block

Imperf Pl. Block
This plate block appeared at auction a month later and sold for $950, a surprisingly low realization. Here’s how low it was and how lucky the buyer was. A similar plate block was offered by Saskatoon Stamp for $2495 in March, 2005 and another in a private treaty sale by Ian Kimmerly in June 2005 for $4950.
Lot 498
Eastern Auctions
Feb. 26, 2005
Realized $950

Gutter pair

Gutter Pair
This gutter pair variety first appeared in an Eastern sale in April, 2005 when a copy sold for $105. Several months later, a copy sold at another Eastern sale for $140. Oddly, Eastern did not provide an image for either sale, but, at our request, they sent us the copy that you see here. They are offering a third copy in their upcoming sale on Sept. 28th, see lot 1150. Eastern notes that the variety appears to have come from a miscut sheet.
September results now in:
it sold for $105

Lot 978
Eastern Auctions
July 13, 2005
Realized $140


Imperforate souvenir sheet

Souvenir sheet

This is the first time an imperforate copy of the souvenir sheet has been offered. We will note the price realized after we receive the prices from the sale in October.

October results now in:
it sold for $800


Lot 1152
Eastern Auctions
Sept. 28, 2005
Estimate $1,750

Catalogue Listings

We note that none of these varieties have, as yet, been listed in the catalogue. The 2005 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue is due to be shipped before the end of September and may have something in it. We’ll see what they have and add a comment in October.


Thailand is the Kingdom formerly known as Siam. It is the only Eastern Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. It has a population of about 65 million people situated in 76 provinces. The capital city is Bangkok. The chief of state is King PHUMPIPHON Adunyadet.


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