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Commentary No. 67 - 17 January, 2005

Robert A. Lee Announces His Retirement Plans

It came as quite a surprise to us when we read the letter Bob Lee included in his auction catalogue last November. Here’s part of what he wrote:

“Over the past 29 years, Robert A. Lee Auctions has built a reputation as one of the premier stamp auction houses in Canada. It is therefore with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement, effective the end of December, 2005.

With this in mind, the purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the multitude of client requests that I have received over the years regarding my retirement. Specifically, many of you have asked that I apprise you of my final day well in advance in case you have collections that you may want me to handle before I leave. In response to your requests, be advised that I am planning several very special auctions in 2005 to commemorate our 30 years in business. Accordingly, if you have a collection or duplicates that you wish to sell, there is no better time than now to contact me about them.

It should be noted that Robert A Lee Auctions is available to a qualified buyer, one who would carry on the business in the same professional manner our clients have come to expect. I am receptive to all enquiries which will be held in the strictest confidence…. I can be reached toll-free at 1-800-755-2437.”

As we read the above we began thinking about all the outstanding stamps Bob has offered in his auctions over the past five years. We thought it might be of interest to our viewers to see some of these. We have a very high regard for Bob and so it was a great pleasure to go back into his catalogues. Here are some of the best we could find:

September 29, 2001

Lot 3944
Scott 13
Catalogue $8,000
Realised $6,250

Lot 3975
Scott 23a
Catalogue $900
Realised $1,300

Lot 4069
Scott 62
Catalogue $500
Realised $2,300

Lot 4274
Scott F3
Catalogue $325
Realised $475

March 2, 2002

Lot 4450
Scott 21b
Catalogue $16,500
Realised $13,750

Lot 4465
Scott 30 - Imprint copy
Catalogue $30
Realised $450

Lot 4662
Unitrade OX3
Catalogue $202
Realised $325

May 11, 2002 “ John J. Gaudio” collection of Canadian Revenue Stamps

Only recorded copy!

One of 4 items in lot 187
Estimate $18,000
Realised $14,500

Lot 1049
Van Dam FWS3
Catalogue $5,000
Realised $4,000

Lot 1626
Van Dam TDF1
Catalogue $3,500
Realised $6,250

October 19, 2002

Lot 4054
Scott 29
Catalogue $130
Realised $525

Lot 4838
Van Dam FB53a
Estimate $1,000
Realised $2,500

May 17, 2003

Lot 1704
Scott 96-103 on cover
Estimate $500
Realised $1,900

Lot 2719
Scott 34a var (with re-entry)
Estimate $5,000
Realised $4,750

Lot 2638
Unitrade 1969i
Estimate $400
Realised $775

October 25, 2003 “ Horrace W.Harrison” Registration Collection

Lot 20
Scott F1
"The Woodgate re-entry"
Estimate $1,000
Realised $4,250

Lot 28
Scott F1c
Imperforate pair
Estimate $3,000
Realised $3,250

Lot 9
8¢ small die proof
Estimate $2,500
Realised $6,000

Lot 475
Rare registered cover, illustrated in
"Gems of Canadian Philately"
Estimate $9,000
Realised $13,000

March 13, 2004

Lot 2502
Scott 41a VF NH
Catalogue $375
Realised $1,100

Lot 759
Scott 57 - perfin stamp on cover
Catalogue $2,000
Realised $3,500

June 26, 2004

Lot 2336
Scott 122b deep orange
Catalogue $2,000
Realised $2,500

Over the past 40 years, Bob has established a reputation for excellence. He has been entrusted with a number of major collections and has sold them most successfully. Bob has given of his time to the Canadian philatelic community and is currently President of the British North American Philatelic Society and a Director of the Postal History Society of Canada.

We wish him a very successful completion of his career and the sale of his business in 2005

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