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Commentary No. 39 - 17 November, 2002

Some Outstanding Canadian Stamps - Part 2

In this second part of this series, we provide further details of some of the finest examples of early Canadian stamps our auctioneers have offered in recent years. The descriptions have been copied word for word, including all the superlatives that one can lavish on the best! The catalogue values are from the 2003 Scott catalogue. In the case of Scott 29iii, the 2002 Unitrade catalogue was used.

Scott 21b
Catalogue $16,500
Realized $13,700
  Lee       March 2, 2002       Lot 4450

½ CENT BLACK LG. QN. ' WATERMARKED' unused single, w/Greene Foundation 2001 cert.'unused, showing watermarked reversed B, genuine in all respects' NG VF May be the finest example known!.

Scott 24a
Catalogue $225
Realized $890
  Vance      July 11, 2001       Lot 3438

Beautiful copy of the 2 cent WATERMARKED with neat target. XF. Greene Foundation certificate (2000). Rarely seen in this top quality.

Scott 25
Catalogue $775
Realized $2,500
  Maresch      October 25, 2000       Lot 354

Fresh and well centered with full o.g. (trifle disturbed) a gorgeous stamp with 1962 R.P.S.L. cert.

Scott 27f
Catalogue $1,600
Realized 3,750
  Maresch      December 11, 2001      Lot 226

BLACK BROWN, wonderfully fresh and exceptionally well centered example of this scarce shade, with full original gum, an extraordinary SHOWPIECE, with 1999 Greene cert,

Scott 29iii
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $3,750
  Hennok      February 23, 2002      Lot 425

15 cent major re-entry, a fabulous face-free cancelled copy of the reddish purple shade showing the rare major re-entry, see figure 39A page 126 "The Large Queen Stamps of Canada and their use 1868-1872" HE&HW Duckworth. The finest copy of this major re-entry we have ever seen. From a new find and with a 2002 VG Greene Certificate, Extremely Fine.

Scott 33
Catalogue $725
Realized $1,500
  Brigham      June 27, 2001      Lot 600

3 cent Red, showing vertical verger line, well centered with a beautiful Vancleek Hill, Oc.2, 1868 cds cancel in blue, without a doubt one of the finest examples of this stamp in existence, Very fine +.

Scott 35
Catalogue $27
Realized $500
  Firby      January 12, 2002      Lot 144

1 cent Yellow, a huge example with balanced margins. SUPERB, OG, NH a real gem!

Scott 35a
Catalogue $85
Realized $700
  Maresch      December 11, 2001      Lot 259

ORANGE (M) brilliant fresh, mathematically centered, n.h. and superb, with 1992 Greene cert. Catalogue values irrelevant.

Scott 37
Catalogue $2
Realized $1,100
  Hennok      December 16, 2000      Lot 531

WINGHAM ONT STATE 1 VF strike of _/JY 6/93 NEW EARLY DATE! on 3 cent SQ, one of only 11 strikes (and one of the best) known, extremely rare.

Scott 37e
Catalogue $225
Realized $750
  Brigham      September 20, 2000      Lot 1003

Orange Red, Perf.11½x12, very well centered , OG, Never Hinged, an outstanding example, Very Fine.

Scott 40b
Catalogue $500
Realized $1,914
  Firby      January 12, 2002      Lot 151

10 cent Deep Lilac Rose, excellent color & XF-SUPERB in huge balanced margins. An unused gem with 1996 VG Greene cert #7801

Scott 41
Catalogue $35
Realized $290
  Eastern      May 25, 2001      Lot 498

3 cent Bright Vermilion. An unbelievable jumbo margined single, perfectly centered, radiant colour. XF NH GEM

Scott 42
Catalogue $90
Realized $625
  Eastern      May 25, 2001      Lot 499

5 cent Grey. A wonderful mint single, nicely centered amidst four huge margins, XF NH GEM A.P.S. cert.

Scott 54
Catalogue $95
Realized $325
  Bow City      December 13, 2000      Lot 2274

SUPERB. Stunning jumbo, one of the finest 5 cent Jubilees we've seen.

Scott 56
Catalogue $30
Realized $230
  Hennok      May 25, 2002      Lot 943

8 cent Dark violet, fantastic copy, deep rich colour, huge Jumbo margins, light face-free CDS, Superb

Scott 61
Catalogue $1,550
Realized $2,100
  Eastern      May 25, 2001      Lot 588

$1.00 Lake Mint single, vivid brilliant colour, visually stunning with large even margins, XF NH, an exceptional stamp.

Scott 63
Catalogue $2,750
Realized $4,000
  Maresch      October 25, 2000      Lot 731

THREE DOLLAR: YELLOW BISTRE. brilliant fresh, mathematically centered, n.h.superb.

Scott 67
Catalogue $37
Realized $230
  Eastern Auctions      October 14, 2000      Lot 546

1 cent Blue Green A super mint single with huge jumbo margins and brilliant colour. XF NH, an absolute GEM.

Scott 80
Catalogue $240
Realized $700
  Eastern Auctions      May 25, 2001      Lot 670

6 cent Brown. A perfection mint single, XF NH.

This completes Part 2 of our continuing survey of what we consider to be some of the finest examples of Canadian stamps our auction houses have offered in recent years. Undoubtedly there are other stamps that could be included, but we do not wish to test our readers' patience or endurance. We are sure you will find the above stamps to be some of the best. Any collector fortunate enough to own one of these would be the envy of us all!

We will continue this survey of outstanding Canadian stamps in 2003.

Late Notes

News from Unitrade and Darnell

The November 19, 2002 edition of the Canadian Stamp News reports that updates of both the Unitrade and Darnell specialized Canadian stamp catalogues are about to be issued.

Article on André Ouellet

Canadian Stamp News also carries a feature by columnist Tony Shaman on André Ouellet, President of Canada Post. Tony gives some quite interesting information on what Mr. Ouellet has been able to accomplish since his original appointment as Postmaster General in 1972. According to the article, Canada Post generated a profit of $84 million in 2000, a far cry from the perennial losses of the past.

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