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Commentary No. 38 - 17 October, 2002

Some Outstanding Canadian Stamps - Part 1

We provide below details of some of the finest examples of early Canadian stamps our auctioneers have offered in recent years. The descriptions have been copied word for word. They show that those who sell these beauties can get just as excited about them as the collectors. The catalogue values are from the 2003 Scott catalogue.

Scott 1i
Catalogue $800
Realized $2,070
  Firby       April 28, 1999       Lot 46

Orange red on laid paper, huge margins with sheet margin at T, crisp laid lines, Light Blue targets, SUPERB & undoubtedly one of the finest extant.

Scott 3
Catalogue $80,000
Realized $86,000
  Maresch      March 9, 1999       Lot 936

TWELVE PENCE: BLACK, sharp laid lines and impression, brilliant fresh, very large margins, full original gum and very lightly hinged, (barest hint of a crease, visible in fluid only), with copy of 1959 Philatelic Foundation certificate stating " 12d BLACK MINT,GENUINE IN ALL RESPECTS". From the Lichtenstein, Kennedy, Jarrett, Hillmer and Julian Smith collections. A GREAT RARITY.

Scott 4var
Catalogue $360
Realized $1,250
  Maresch      May 17, 2000       Lot 1514

Vertical pair with EXPERIMENTAL PERFORATION 12, blue targets and very fine, the ONLY RECORDED MULTIPLE with 1987 Greene Cert. stating the pair to be ex Dale-Lichtenstein (it was lot 786 in sale 7) and "showing apparent private perforations" ( as this item is unique, of course no expert committee can give it a definitive and totally unqualified certificate). It is without question genuine in all respects and a UNIQUE SHOWPIECE.

Scott 5
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $1,700
  Eastern Auctions      March 16, 2002      Lot 458

6p Slate Grey A wonderful used single with four huge margins, lightly struck diamond grid cancellation, fresh true colour, XF GEM,RPS cert. (1955), Ex Geldert.

Scott 7
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $2,800
  Eastern Auctions      October14, 2000      Lot 420

10p Blue Jumbo used single, bright fresh colour. SUPERB GEM. Greene Foundation cert.

Scott 7a
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $2,584
  Firby      June 22, 2002      Lot 110

10d blue on thick paper, the LR corner margin copy from Posn. #100 with both sheet margins &choice SON 4- Ring cancellation. Brilliant fresh & SUPERB.

Scott 8
Catalogue $650
Realized $3,500
  Eastern Auctions      May 25, 2001      Lot 429

1/2p Rose, A brilliant mint single with full original gum that is NEVER HINGED, full margins and bright color. Very Fine, Greene Foundation cert. (1997)

Scott 9
Catalogue $6,500
Realized $8,000
  Eastern Auctions      May 25, 2001      Lot 434

7 1/2p Green A fresh unused single, large margins for this difficult issue, fresh colour and crisp impression, choice VF, a lovely stamp, RPS cert. (1984)

Scott 9a
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $4,750
  Eastern Auctions      March 16, 2002      Lot 473

7 1/2p Deep Green A stunning used single with four large margins and lightly struck four ring #27 numeral cancellation, rich vivid color, XF, this is the same stamp pictured in Boggs (p.153)

Scott 10
Catalogue $4,000
Realized $4,100
  Vance      July 31, 2002      Lot 3586

Superior copy with four large to huge margins. Has neat four-ring numeral '38' cancel (St. Catharines, RF8, very rare) XF: Greene Foundation certificate (2001) accompanies. ONE OF THE NICEST COPIES OF THIS SCARCE STAMP THAT WE HAVE EVER HANDLED. EXHIBITION QUALITY.

Scott 13
Catalogue $4,250
Realized $16,000
  Maresch      May 16, 2000      Lot 1630

SIX PENCE:BROWN VIOLET, Mathematically centered gem with face-free c.d.s., in our opinion, the finest copy of the stamp in existence, ex Menich and Dave Roberts, with 1988 Greene cert.

Scott 13a
Catalogue $4,500
Realized $4,750
  Maresch      August 21, 2001      Lot 1007

GRAY VIOLET, exceptionally well centered with light TORONTO grid (a couple trifle shorter perfs UL) an extremely fine SHOWPIECE with 1985 Greene Cert.

Scott 17a
Catalogue $90
Realized $350
  Brigham      December 11, 2001      Lot 634

Violet, a huge margined example, grid cancel, a 'One in a Million' example of this stamp, Superb.

Scott 17b
Catalogue $800
Realized $2,900
  Maresch      March 9, 1999      Lot 1044

BROWN (Whitworth's deep sepia-PO 7B), mathematically centered, almost full o.g., a fabulous stamp and probably the finest existing, with 1986 Greene cert, ex Pipkin, Julian Smith, superb in every respect.

Scott 18
Catalogue $750
Realized $2,500
  Maresch      December 11, 2001      Lot 203

TWELVE AND A HALF CENT: YELLOW GREEN, deep rich color, perf 12, full o.g. and exceptionally well centered, one of the nicest we have seen, extremely fine, catalogue values irrelevant.

Scott 18a
Catalogue $90
Realized $1,085
  Vance      July 11, 2001      Lot 3405

SUPERB USED. Deep rich color, four absolutely enormous margins, lightly canceled, Greene Foundation certificate (2000). THE NICEST USED COPY OF THIS ISSUE WE HAVE EVER HANDLED!

Scott 19i
Catalogue $125
Realized $475
  Hennok      May 25, 2002      Lot 678

17 ¢ Prussian Blue, mathematically centered, with light cancel, one of the finest copies we have seen.

Scott 20a
Catalogue $500
Realized $2,600
  Eastern Auctions      May 25, 2001      Lot 451

2 ¢ Deep Claret Rose. A perfectly centered mint single with full original gum, XF OG GEM, Greene Foundation cert.(1981)

We can have no doubt that the transfer of ownership of these rare and in some cases unique stamps of superior quality has a significant impact on the vendors, the auctioneers and the buyers. Each party knows that something important has happened. In most cases, the previous owners held the stamps for many years, not wishing to part with them. The new owners know that they will have the years ahead to enjoy their acquisition. They may have paid a lot, but that's the only way they can possibly acquire these treasures.

We will continue this survey of outstanding Canadian stamps in future commentaries.

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