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Commentary No. 22 - 17 May, 2001

The New Scott Catalogue

The 2002 Scott catalogue became available in Canada at the end of May.  The cost has once again increased, from $60 to $64 (Canadian), including taxes.

A detailed review of the more significant price changes in this year's edition of the catalogue is provided in another section of our web site [Catalogue Price Trends].  Also provided in a separate section is a list of  the new varieties that were listed in the Scott catalogue for the first time this year [New Listings].

There were far fewer price increases in this year's catalogue than in last year's.  The popular 1868 to 1930 period saw few increases which was quite a surprise.  What increases there were, were limited to some of the imperforate pairs and modern varieties.  There were no noticeable trends in the price changes.

In future weeks we will be revisiting the catalogue changes and offering further comments and analyses.

Early Canada
no increases

Large Queens
no increases

Small Queens
The only increases were to the 10¢ Small Queen, both perforate and imperforate (Scott 45 and 45c).

no increases

Maple Leafs
no increases other than the 10¢ imperforate pair

no increases

Edward VII
no increases

Québec Tercentenary
no increases

no increases

Modern Canada
For the period from 1930 to 1976 the only increases are for certain imperforate pairs.  For particulars, please go to Price Trends.

For the period from 1977 to date, there are a few isolated increases amongst the  booklet panes, stamps printed on gum and stamps with missing colours.  For more details, please go to Price Trends.

Back of the Book
Many of the Special Delivery stamps had price increases, provided they were in no hinged condition.  As usual, Scott E1 and E2 led the way.  There were no increases in the Air Mails and Registration stamps.  There was one increase in the Postage Due and one in the War Tax stamps.  Nothing to write home about!

For a summary of the new listings and prices provided for the first time in this year's Scott catalogue, please follow this link

Comments on other catalogues:

Unitrade & Darnell

We checked with the other publishers of Canadian stamp catalogues to see what their plans were for this year and were advised as follows. The 2002 edition of the Unitrade "Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps " is presently being worked on and is expected to be issued this coming October.

Plans appear to be uncertain as to whether a new Darnell "Stamps of Canada" catalogue will be issued this fall. We certainly hope it will. You may contact Unitrade in Toronto at 1-416-242-5900 and Darnell in Montreal at 1-800-561-9977.

E.S.J.van Dam

The new "2001 Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue" made its appearance over a month ago. Contact your dealer to get your copy or call Mr. van Dam in Ontario directly at 1-705-292-7013.

As always, we welcome your comments.  Please write us at:
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