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Commentary No. 18 - 17 February, 2001

New Record Prices Realised in year 2000

Last August, in our Commentary Number 12, we reported on the new record prices realised in the first half of the year.  With this report we now cover the full year 2000 - and - What a year it was!

Our price survey generally covers stamps of investment quality issued between 1868 and 1925, plus most of the Back of the Book sets. 

Who would have thought that a 5¢ Small Queen would ever sell for $4,500 or a 10¢ plum Admiral for $2,100, yet this is exactly what has happened in the year just ended.

Scott 38a
Scott 38a
5¢ Small Queen
R. Maresch & son
Realised $4,500
Scott 116
Scott 116
10¢ plum Admiral
Eastern Auctions Ltd.
Realised $2,100
For a summary of some of the outstanding prices realised in the year 2000 by nine well known auction houses specializing in Canadian stamps, please click here:
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We recorded 63 record prices for the full year.  They cover the full spectrum from Large Queens through Small Queens, Jubilees, Maple Leafs, Numerals, Quebec Tercentennaries, Edward VII to Admirals.  To these we have added new record prices of some of the 1930 and 1940 imperforate sets and Back of the Book items. 

New highs are found right across the board.  At these levels, one could almost think that there are no more records to be broken.  We'll see in 2001! 

To see the full list of 63 prices, click here:Complete list of record prices for 2000

Do you know of any others?  Did we miss any? 
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