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Commentary No. 125 - 17 November, 2009

The S. J. Menich Collection of Canada’s Large Queens
Sold by Charles G. Firby
February 6, 1997

This impressive collection of Large Queens had everything. It included essays, die proofs, imprint blocks, strips, a great number of paper, colour and perforation varieties, together with Bothwell, Stitch and Pirie watermarks.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature was the large number of beautiful Large Queen blocks, greater than we can ever recall seeing.

There is no way we can do justice to the amount of knowledge Menich must have had to identify and collect the various colours, papers and perforations that separate one variety from another. But fortunately for collectors, many of the rules he learned over time were summarized in the auction catalogue, to be shared with collectors at large.

What follows is a very brief overview of this extraordinary collection.

(Prices realized have been converted at the rate of $1US = $1.35 Cdn.)

Lot 841
Watermarked paper,
Realized $5,738

Black, Full counter & imprint
Lot 829
LH & NH, including the “Spur flaw”
Realized $4,050

Red Brown, Bothwell watermark
Lot 872
Showpiece, trivial crease
Realized $1,755

Brown Red
Strong Vertical Stitch Watermark
Lot 860
Very rare, Showpiece,
Ex Lussey, Richardson
Realized $1,013

Red Brown
Lot 861
Showpiece, Full OG
Realized $4,050

Orange, The Absolute GEM of the Menich Collection
Lot 883
XF, full OG, Largest recorded multiple,
Ex Lee-Jones, Smart, Jarrett, Firth,
Leggett & Lindsey
Realized $40,500

Blue Green

Lot 949
Showpiece with Bothwell Watermark
Realized $1,4

Blue Green
Lot 950
Stunning Showpiece, full OG, on Bothwell paper
Realized $3,038

Lot 989
World class rarity & showpiece, Full OG, Ex- Dale – Lichtenstein
Realized $16,200

Olive Green
Lot 1036
XF, Rare 12 x 12 perf.
Realized $1,890

Olive Green
Lot 1034
VF+, Full streaky brownish OG,
bottom 2 stamps NH,
Ex-Dale Lichtenstein
Realized $11,475

Yellow Brown
Lot 1048
Partial double print on piece, the most dramatic of the 4 existing
Realized $24,300

Lot 1056
Block of 6, Full OG, an impressive showpiece
Realized $13,500

Pale Dull Blue
Lot 1103
OG, Ex- Jarrett & Firth
Realized $5,063

Pale Dull Blue
Lot 1102
Full OG NH
Realized $11,475

Pale Blue
Lot 1141
XF, showpiece, 3rd largest unused multiple of this stamp, some thinning
Realized $6,750

Dull Blue
Lot 1129
XF, strong “horizontal stitch watermark”
(Unlisted until the 2009 Unitrade Catalogue)
Realized $810

Dark Brown Purple
Lot 1217
XF imperforate corner block, NH with Pawnbroker variety UR, psn. 10
Realized $8,775

Slate Purple
Lot 1209
Showpiece, NH OG, light crease in margin
Realized $2,430

Dull Grey
Lot 1233
F-VF. showpiece, the rare script watermark
Realized $2,565

Deep Blue
Lot 1271
VF NH showpiece
Realized $5,400

As we look back over this collection of extraordinary blocks and varieties, we can only shake our head in amazement at what Mr. Menich managed to collect. It was such an outstanding collection.

Once again, our sincere thanks to Mr. John Cooper for not only lending us this auction catalogue from his collection, but also for giving us the opportunity to see a collection of this caliber. We are glad to be able to share it with you.

Thanks also to Charles G. Firby Auctions, which responded promptly to our request for a copy of the prices realized for this auction.

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