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Commentary No. 120 - 17 June, 2009

The New 2010 Scott Catalogue

The 2010 Scott Catalogue, Volume 2, arrived in Montreal towards the end of May. The price of $98.65 almost surpassed $100 for the first time.

Isn’t it a shame that Scott can’t think of a way of delivering its catalogues to the public in a less costly manner. It makes you wonder, how the present system of expensive catalogues could possibly encourage our young people to become collectors. Perhaps this is what happens when you have a monopoly. There is just no incentive to give choices to collectors. They are forced to buy a whole volume of stamps they don’t care about. Could we respectfully suggest that Amos, the publisher, give their Scott catalogues to a business school near them so that students could work on figuring out a new marketing strategy.

Hmm, let’s see, maybe collectors could order one country at a time over the internet. No, that’s too simple, it would never work!

Now we’ve got that off our chest, we feel so much better! Let’s see what’s new in this year’s catalogue.

In the 2010 catalogue, the past 10 years of annual increases have come to a halt. The price changes that are found in this year’s edition are an interesting mix. In early Canada, there are increases among a few of the more valuable mint stamps. In the 1868 to 1935 period, there are a few increases among the low value stamps. This doesn’t surprise us as those low value stamps have been doing remarkably well at auction in the past 2 years. In modern Canada, there are many declines, but only of a very minor nature.

There were no changes that we could spot amongst the imperforates, nor amongst the modern varieties. The modern dollar and other high value stamps continue to decline.

To keep things positive, we show here a few of the more interesting increases:

Scott 2
Scott 9
2010 $32,500
2010 $10,000
2009 $27,500
2009 $8,500

Scott 12
2010 $15,000
2009 $12,500

Scott 89
Scott 97
2010 $87
2010 $55
2009 $75
2009 $47

Scott E3
Scott F3
2010 $55
2010 $550
2009 $45
2009 $450

The following is a quick overview of the pricing changes:

Early Canada (Scott 1-13) - Modest advances for Scott 2, 9, 12 and 13 mint.

Cents Issue (Scott 14 - 20) - Modest advances for Scott 16, 17 and 19 mint.

Large Queens (Scott 21 – 33) - Small increases for Scott 22 and 23 mint. Scott 24, the 2¢ Green, advanced nicely from $750 to $850.

Small Queens (Scott 34 - 47) - A few small increases were found for Scott 35d, 36e and 37c. Scott 40 fell modestly, which surprised us.

Jubilees (Scott 50 - 65) - There were a number of price reductions, offset by increases in the 8¢ and 10¢.

Maple Leafs (Scott 66 - 73) - The ½¢ - 3¢ values advanced strongly, but these were the only changes.

Numerals (Scott 74 - 84) – Most values increased. The set advanced from $3,830 to $4,078.

Edward VII (Scott 89 – 95) – Only the 1¢- 7¢ values advanced

Quebec Tercentenary (Scott 96 - 103) – Most values advanced. The set increased from $2,220 to $2,367.

Admirals (Scott 104 - 134) – A few small changes.

Scroll, Arch, Pictorials, War (Scott 149 - 262) – No changes of note.

1940’s – 1970’s – No changes of note, except for reductions in the values of some of the 15¢, 50¢ and $1 stamps.

1980’s – Small decreases here and there, but not significant

1990’s – Same as above. However Scott 1800a went from $1,150 to $1,300.

2000’s – Same as above.

Back of the Book:

Airmail stamps – A few small increases.

Special Delivery – Same as above

Registered Stamps
– Only the 8¢ stamp increased, rising from $450 to $500.

Postage Due
– The J1-5 set increased strongly from $247 to $367. The J6-10 set also increased strongly from $236 to $305.

War Tax
– All prices up strongly

Stamp Prices in General:

This time last year we were surprised at the strength of the price increases. And this year, we think Scott has it just right with just a few areas of modest increases as the market has definitely softened reflecting the economy in general.

It is significant that Scott did not change the prices for the imperforates nor the modern varieties. The imperforates have generally done well at auction in the past year, although there have been some soft spots. By contrast, the prices for the modern varieties have not been strong.

The strongest area remains the Small Queens to the Admirals. Here, even in this time of a struggling economy, is where most of the advances are found.

Is there an increase that stands out? To our mind, the increase for Scott 2 mint is the one to note. It jumped in value from $27,500 to $32,500. This now puts it on a par with the elusive Scott 5a, the 6p brownish grey Albert.

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